Benefits of Having Roller Shades in Today’s Home

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Want to change your home décor? Pondering over what the ideal window dressing will be? Roller blinds or shades are the perfect window dressing for modern homes. They have functionality, fashion and versatility that rightly match all kinds of home décor. They give privacy while adding texture to your home interior. Further, these blinds add color to a room and enhances its aesthetic value.

Why is roller shading gaining so much popularity in modern homes?

Let’s have a quick look at why roller shading is considered as an ideal addition to home décor.

❖ Perfect for All Rooms

The versatility of roller shading makes them a perfect fit for all rooms. With its variety of sizes and shapes and lots of customization options, this window blind can perfectly blend with any room décor. From a little sitting space to a master bedroom, roller blinds add finish to a window.

❖ Easy Maintenance

Besides having the quality of blending perfectly with all kinds of room décor, another reason for the enormous popularity of roller shades is that they are very easily maintained. You can clean off dust and stains only with a damp cloth. That is why, these shades are widely used in bathroom and kitchen specially, aside from other rooms.

❖ Plethora of Color Choices and Designs

Quite like curtains, roller blinds also offer a wide variety of choices. Their variation in patterns, prints and colors make them the perfect choice for any room décor. Further, this shading has dual functionality – when closed, they block sunlight and add texture to the interior.

❖ Automation

Roller curtains come with the ultimate luxury. You can have motorized and automated blinds giving you the ease of moving it up or down from the comfort of your couch. You can enjoy this luxury by just pressing a button. Due to this advanced technology you can have absolute privacy and security with your window dressing.

❖ Perfect Insulators

As these blinds cover a window from edge to edge, they act as the perfect insulator to any room. You can roll up the blinds to regulate sunlight entering a room. You can also pull the blinds down to have a comfortable atmosphere on a hot summer afternoon. With such a myriad of benefits, roller shading is certainly a perfect and beautiful window treatment for modern homes. You can get what you want from this window dressing. They provide the right blend of functionality and décor. With a wide variety of choices available, you are sure to find a roller shade befitting your taste and preference.

Significance and Use of Velvet Curtains for Churches

Churches Curtains

Decoration and proper furnishing is necessary for every place of worship and churches are also not an exception. A nice décor will make the entire space likable, welcoming and pleasant. Velvet curtains, of premium quality, are the best window treatments for chapels. They enhance the sophisticated and elegant look of the religious place. Moreover, decorating a cathedral with curtains will make this place more appealing and classy. Overall appearance of the church is elevated creating a positive aura for all.

Now, let’s find out how curtains are used in cathedrals…

There is not one way of using velvet curtains in a chapel. They are used in different ways to make the entire décor of the church an enriching one.

Windows and Walls

Using curtains of latest themes on church walls will give it a fresh look. Drapes can also be used in windows to cover them up in a decent manner. Putting draperies in windows is a common practice at homes and it is equally applicable in religious places also. This will complete the look of the interior décor in a chapel.


Instead of going for other options the best way to decorate a stage of the cathedral is by using drapes. There are huge collections of stage curtains that can be used to cover the space and give it a classy look. Using backdrop curtains in a stage offers a sophisticated impact and helps a great at the time of sermon. It will give a nice and comprehensive appearance to the place.

Partitions & Room Dividers

You might think why a chapel should require any partition. Well, there are several reasons why there should be partitions in this religious place. What can be the most convenient and practical way of giving partitions other than using velvet curtains? This is the easiest and nice ways of dividing any space in a chapel. It effectively create the partition and with elegance too.

When selecting velvet curtains for churches, make sure that they are of top quality and made from fire-resistant fabric. Amazing collections of church curtains are available from renowned companies. Check a little before deciding on a particular variety.

Things to Know When Thinking of Installing Blackout Shades

Blackout Shades

Why people look for blackout window dressings? The main motive is to block the light of any room but still give it a great look. Modern-day prints, colors, and fabrics offer plenty of choices of blackout shades and curtains.

Protecting Your Home

Blackout blinds, curtains, and window coverings restrict UV rays and sunlight from entering a room thereby reducing energy costs to a great extent. Further, they also protect floors and furniture from fading and getting damaged due to sunlight. This will enhance the longevity of costly furniture and room décor. Again, fabrics for these window dressings have also improved with time. Traditional plastic-feeling polyester is now replaced by soft less static-prone options.

Where are blackout blinds and curtains used?

They are mostly used in rooms where you do not want light penetration and in rooms which receive maximum sunlight. This window treatment prevents sunlight and keeps a room cool and comfortable.

Are these window coverings costly?

Blackout shades or blinds can be a little pricey but they are worth investing in as they save energy and prevent premature aging of fabrics and furniture.

Are blackout window coverings available in white?

When you think of blackout window dressings, you usually think of heavy dark color fabric. But, this dark shade might not fit all room décor or color scheme. Blackout curtains and blinds are available in varied stylish colors and designs. Different kinds of headings like rod pockets, grommet tops, and similar other tops are available in blackout fabrics.

Can you convert existing curtains to blackout ones?

To have blackout option in your room, you do not have to completely replace the ones you already have. One can add blackout liners to the existing curtains for room darkening. These liners can be clipped to the existing rod or hanged by a double rod. White liners are also available for giving the windows a unified appearance. Blackout blinds also work great for small windows.

Installation Tips

It is not hard to install blackout curtains. However, to have the maximum effect of room darkening, it is good to install the blackout fabric a couple of inches above the window frame in every side. One can use wrap around rods to block maximum amount of light.

When outside temperature is increasing constantly, people are looking for options for blocking sunlight into the room. Blackout window treatments are the perfect option for them!

Accentuate Your Home with Diverse Kinds of Window Treatments

Window Treatments

Interior design is never complete without designer custom-made window treatments. Window dressings can be of three varieties –

  • Hard window treatment
  • Soft window treatment
  • Combination of both

Different Kinds of Window Covering of Today

Let’stake a look at some of the attractive window coverings that can change the look of the interior.

  • Simple Sophistication with Roller Shades

Roller shades are an economical and easy way of adding style, texture, and color to interior décor. They maintain privacy and regulate light. These window coverings are perfect for those who like to cut down glare and catch up sleep. They are available in modern fabrics.

  • Great Designs with Solar Shades

Transparency is the greatest privilege of these shades. You will enjoy comfort without losing the view. Solar shades effectively protect from UV rays, reduce glare and prevent fading. It is indeed an awesome window covering to keep the interior insulated.

  • Finest Covering with Roman Shades

These shades can be of any fabric and natural material, have handcrafted pleats and hand-sewn rings. In other words, Roman shades have signature traditional detail. They have insulating quality, provide privacy and, like any other coverings, control light. Cord mechanism in these shades gives the flexibility of adjusting its height according to your wish.

  • Draperies

Draperies are all time popular window covering. They can create a casual, sophisticated and elegant look. Skilled artisans create unique pieces of curtains in diverse patterns, colors, sizes, materials, and shapes. Every window has its own style and size curtains. Custom drapery creates its own unique style and flair.

  • Sheer Curtains or Net Curtains

These are translucent curtains made from materials like nylon, rayon, silk, and gossamer. You will get a wide range of colors in sheer fabric but when it is for curtains, white and its different shades of eggshell, ivory, and cream are more popular. Though sheer curtains are translucent, they are barely visible from outside.

There are varieties of shades and blinds as well that can create a chic look to the house. There are window treatments of natural material giving a modern home a natural beauty.