Why customers’ reviews are important for SEO?

Perception of search engine optimization is changing quite quickly. Even a few years earlier, search engine optimization was limited into creating back links for the main website and getting good ranks in Google search results. But, getting a rank in search results of Google is not easy these days. It has many complexities. Best SEO Services has turned quite complicated, as Google has changed its algorithm drastically. Meaningless and unethical link building processes are regarded as similar to spamming activities these days. People have to focus more on building website ethically. Apart from that, SEO techniques are required to be planned with accuracy.

For better SEO results, people adopt a few changes to their websites. Previously, we did not use to find social media buttons on the websites. But, today they have turned quite integral parts of business websites. For ecommerce platforms, a common trend is to add commenting sections where buyers can leave their valuable feedbacks on products. Now, you must be wondering how reviews can help in SEO? How they can help your business to grow? Why are they important at all? To find answers to these questions, you need to read the following section of this article. The article shall mainly focus on SEO benefits of customer reviews.

1- Ethical Web Business Management

Google’s spider or website checker has turned quite meticulous from various aspects. It analyzes websites in more precise approach. The most important thing that it notices is maintaining ethics. Every online based business has to follow proper ethics. They must be genuine otherwise Google will flag such websites. Once you gain bad reputation from Google, your web based business will face difficult time to overcome negative impression, to resolve this problem you need to take ORM Services. Ethics has to be maintained, especially at such a time when online scams are quire rampant. To stop scams and spamming activities, Google has turned quite strict. Adding feedback section is one of the best ways of making a business to appear more reliable for potentials buyers and Google.

Comment or feedback section that shares genuine reviews of purchasers of certain product will always fetch transparency between potential buyers and sellers. Trust is the most important thing for conducting online based businesses. Even though people are now quite well accustomed with online based buying or selling, they still remain skeptical or doubtful with the quality of services or products that are going to attain. At physical shops, they can visit store and check products physically. They can get better feel of the products. But, with online store trust remains the most important thing.

As a seller you should want that proper product reaches to proper buyers. A person who wants to purchase shoes must not be misled to purchase socks. With online stores, people remain skeptic about performance, durability and other parameters of a product. For example, you want to purchase a skin care item and you have extremely dry skin type. So, you are naturally not sure whether this product would suit you or not. Well, two ways to understand suitability of the product. The first thing is to contact seller and place queries to get proper answers. The second thing is checking feedbacks of those people who have purchased as well as used the products.

2- Better Search Engine Ranking

Can adding feedback or review section fetch better search engine ranking for your web pages? Well, chance is there and you just need to encourage people to write more and more reviews. Getting more feedbacks of products is actually adding more contents to a particular product page. As a result, keywords as well as product name has been repeated on the page in natural way. Search engine would like to have such webpage and that rank of your website would start flourishing. Getting more and more feedbacks will also keep your page active. As a result, getting first page ranks for the page in Google becomes easier.

To get more reviews or feedbacks, you need to encourage your buyers. You can ask them or request them for reviews via email or cell phone text messages. In some cases offering some giveaways also help gaining good feedbacks from customers. Special discount offers on next purchases in exchange of a detailed review on the current product that they have purchased would also help. Clearly, these strategies do not only help to get some reviews on the website for SEO benefits but they help you to establish good communication between buyers and sellers. A long term relationship and interactivity with customers will help your business to grow.

3- Improved Click through Rates

Having reviews on products will help you to gain more visitors for your product page. How can you understand influx of more visitors for your website? Well you just need to analyze click through rate. This is one of the finest ways of judging arrival of organic visitors. It is normally seen that products that have minimum 3-star ratings do well in terms of generating higher click through rates. Products that have higher star rating perform even better in terms of gaining click through rate. The ultimate aim of SEO Plans is fetching more visitors. With reviews or feedbacks of website it is highly possible to fetch more organic traffic for website or product pages. As a result, sales figure improves along with rise in profitability.

4- Criticism Helps Your Business

SEO benefits are definitely there, but you cannot deny the fact that criticism helps a business to do well in long term. If you learn taking up criticism with open as well as positive mind, you shall find ways of bringing positive changes to your business. As a result, your business will start improving. You need to take criticism periodically otherwise your business will come on the verge of major communication break down with customers or potential customers.

For all these reasons, adding up feedback or comment section on the product page of your website is important. It helps your business to maintain good communication with buyers and at the same time it fetches good brand reputation as well as SEO benefits.

Author Bio: This is Naveen Kumar the CEO and founder of JDM Web Technologies. Being an expert in Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified accompanied by 10 years of experience in the field of SEO, Digital Marketing, PPC and ORM We are Best SEO Services Company and I can provide you with the best SEO Packages for Small Business.  I also have a team of highly professional and knowledgeable digital marketing experts who can serve you with the best quality services you can ever expect.


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