Reasons Your Facility Needs Digital Two Way Radios

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In recent years, the number of facilities has increased, and the number of user groups served by radio devices for communication has also increased. Buildings are getting bigger, and complex construction is made, surpassing the capabilities of existing analog two way radio networks to work in the greater area.

Digital two way radio offers the ideal solution. Which provides increased range and clarity to the boundaries of the coverage area, increased protection and in particular, flexible features or function to meet specific needs.

For fast, efficient, and hassle-free communication, nothing beats digital two way radio. Two way radios, which are more reliable and cheaper than mobile phones, are used by public safety agencies, event organizers, schools, and many other industries and organizations. Digital radio is widely used in facilities and warehouses as it is well suited to the needs of communication of different industries.

When choosing communication devices for your facility, know the advantages of two way radio.

Call multiple users at once – Unlike cell phones, which typically allow only one-to-one communication, digital two way radio devices allow users to communicate with other users whose radios are tuned to the same frequency. This is useful when a manager or the owner needs to communicate with the facility employees at the same time.

Clearer reception and audio – In loud environments such as manufacturing and construction, workers using smartphones struggle to be heard. Two-way radios are specifically designed to work perfectly on this kind of problem.

Digital radios are equipped with audio functions to improve the quality of communication. The noise reduction feature ensures that all background noise is suppressed, and only the other end of the call is heard.

Also, if you are in a coverage area, you will have clear reception no matter where you are, and you will not have to worry about the loss of signal or calls as you do with cellphones.

Reliable signals – Various electronic devices used in facilities or warehouses can interfere with cell phone signals. Severe weather conditions can also damage cellular communication. Radio signals are more reliable and independent of cell towers, making them a more reliable solution.

Rugged construction – Mobile phones are fragile and can easily break down, unlike two way radio built to be very strong and can withstand the unavoidable drops and scratches in a facility.

Long Battery Life – Two way radios typically have a longer battery life than mobile phones because they are less complicated and require less power than mobile phones. Also, radio batteries are generally cheaper than replacement cell phone batteries.

Instant Communication – When using a mobile phone, you still need to dial someone, then they answer your call before talking to them. On the other hand, two-way wireless communication takes place immediately. You don’t have to dial a phone number and wait for a signal. As a result, calls made over the two-way radio are much faster. In other words, you can quickly return to the actual task.

Better Coverage Area – Communication is vital in extensive facilities. No matter where you are in the coverage area, two way radio can receive a message and communicate back. They also always work in times of emergency because they do not use satellite towers for their communication signals.

Five Reasons Your Distribution Center Needs Two-Way Radios

New Technology – The latest radios have advanced technological features that make them very useful in a larger area. Even if your facility is big, there is a GPS tracker on digital two way radio. However, GPS tracking is only available on some models.

This is very helpful for managers or owners to find employees quickly. Digital radios have a number of great features like digital messaging and the ability to control surveillance cameras and gates remotely.

Total Cost Of Radio Ownership Is Cheap – Buying a smartphone can be expensive, and when you add the monthly plans, the cost quickly increased. In contrast, you only pay once for two way radios. More importantly, two way radios do not have a recurring monthly fee, saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

While most cell phones are dumped after one year for a new model, most users have a two way radio for at least five years, depending on usage. Most phones come with a one-year limited warranty. However, two-way radios have a warranty that begins with an option to purchase an additional warranty period of two years.


These are just some of the reasons you need digital two way radio for your facility or business. Experience the benefits of using reliable and effective equipment for communication.

If your facility needs radio devices, Discount Two Way Radio offers a variety of two way radios for businesses, hospitals, schools, and warehouses. Get them now for your workers’ safety and productivity.




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