Best Historical Places to Visit in Rajkot

If you are planning to visit Gujarat, you can plan the tour for Rajkot. You can easily find and book hotels near Rajkot airport. There is a list of places to visit in Rajkot that introduce to its history and give you refreshing experience of exploring its natural beauty.

The must-see list includes the Gandhi museum that takes you to the history of Rajkot, and a library with huge collection of books that showcase Gujarati literature. Then there are dams and lakes to explore as you head out of the city.

The city Rajkot is best known for its cultural and historical richness and there are some of the best places that you can plan to visit if you are staying in Rajkot for few days.

In this article, we will share a complete list of places that you can plan and visit in Rajkot, especially if you are a history lover.

  1. Kaba Gandhi No Delo
  2. Rotary dolls museum
  3. Watson Museum
  4. Nyari dam
  5. Prem Mandir
  6. Khambhalida caves
  7. Lang library
  8. Jubilee Garden
  9. Aji Dam
  10. Lal Pari Lake
  11. Race Course Ground
  12. Ishwariya Temple
  13. Swaminarayan Temple
  14. Ramakrishna Ashram

Kaba Gandhi No Delo is one of the most popular places visited by tourists in Rajkot. It is the home where Gandhi spent his childhood. His paternal childhood has been converted into the Gandhi Smriti, a museum that showcases his entire life via photographs. Apart from this, the building is also conduct sewing and embroidery classes for young girls.

Rotary Doll museum attracts major tourists around the world. The museum has over 1,000 dolls from various countries with the respective different attires. While most museums give you a glimpse of the culture of the world through ancient artifacts and relics, the Rotary doll museum has its own way to do it. It set the dolls against backdrops highlighting the place they came from.

Nyari Dam

If you don’t want to see museums, you can go to nyari dam, which is an ideal place for picnic. The place has peaceful ambience. If you are a sunset lover, you can sit back till evening and enjoy a beautiful view at Nyari dam. This is completely a leisure place.

Khambhalida caves comprise three caves of which the central one has a chaitya. It’s a historical place where the figures are the only known depictions of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.

Lal Pari Lake is few kilometers from the city that attracts locals and tourists. It’s a favorite picnic spot for people since it calls migratory birds that enchant the view of the lake.

These are certain awesome destination points to visit in Rajkot. You can plan and decide as per your preferences- if you like visiting historical places, you can go to museums and caves. If you like to spend leisure time, you can think about dams and lake. Whatever places you opt for visiting in the city, make sure you must book hotels near Rajkot airport where you can stay.

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