Foam Pump Performance

That too much clearance between the rotor and the groove will degrade the performance of Foam Pump(KEXON). Therefore, it is necessary to ensure reasonable tolerance fit and tolerance value of form and position, pay attention to the thermal expansion of the rotary blade, avoid the brushing of the rotary blade and groove, pay attention to the cold oil viscosity of the oil, and design enough spring force of the rotary blade. When using circular arc surface separation, the additional eccentricity value of the rotor center should not be too large. Otherwise, when the blade passes through two circular arcs, it will break away from the cylinder wall at the intersection point, which will cause impact noise instead. Generally, small pumps are 0.20-0.25 mm, and large pumps can be enlarged appropriately.

The sound of pressure oil in exhaust dead gap and pressure oil in residual volume. When the Foam Pump reaches the limit pressure, the two pressure oils will be injected into the vacuum chamber at high speed when connected with the vacuum chamber, and will impact with the rotor and cylinder wall to produce sound. The size and location of the two volumes are related to noise.

The larger the amount of inhaled gas, the more circulating oil the Foam Pump has, the greater the noise of the valve plate, the higher the valve jump, the larger the area of the valve, the greater the noise of the valve plate, and the material of the valve plate has a certain impact. The noise of rubber valves should be better than that of steel plates or laminates. Therefore, to control the oil inflow, the valve should be closed in time and tightly. Pay attention to the material selection and structure of the valve. The noise will increase with the increase of the echo and bubble burst sound volume in the chamber. Therefore, the noise will increase obviously when the air is opened or in the air. If the gas ballast can be adjusted, the gas ballast can be adjusted reasonably.

Noise emitted when a large amount of gas and oil are discharged and impacting parts such as oil baffles. If the parts are not rigid enough or not tightened, vibration and collision will occur, which will increase the noise. Therefore, not only should the oil baffle be rigid enough and tightened, but also when contacting with other parts (such as oil tank), rubber clamping method can avoid collision noise caused by vibration and improve the oil-retaining effect.

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