Method Of Preservation Of Cosmetics Plastic Pump

Cosmetics Plastic Pump(KEXON) should be placed in a place where normal temperature, dryness and sunlight cannot be directly irradiated, whether in use or unopened; if you want to add a cool feeling to the refrigerator due to summer, you should also stay away from the freezer and return it immediately after use. In the original place, avoid deterioration due to large temperature difference between the inlet and outlet. When not in use, tighten the cap and Plastic Lotion Pumps to maintain a good seal.

Contaminated products such as mascara, which are directly exposed to the eyelashes and stored in the mascara bottle, are preferably replaced three to four months.

In addition to spices and pigments, various high-grade cosmetics include fatty acids, fatty alcohols and petroleum jelly, and are incorporated into proteins, lipid compounds, various amino acids, vitamins, etc.; pharmaceuticals and cosmetics also include royal jelly, white fungus, pearls, ginseng And other organic matter. The above organic substances are not only beneficial to the skin, but also preservatives in cosmetics are sufficient to inhibit or kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and molds, and the products are not deteriorated in a short period of time, so that the skin is not damaged. However, if the storage time is too long, the nutrients will be oxidized and decomposed, the role of the preservative will be weakened, and in the past, it will inevitably be polluted by the outside world, so that the microorganisms will multiply in it. If contaminated cosmetics are used, various skin conditions such as local inflammation, acne, and pigmentation may be induced. Therefore, cosmetics that have been stored for more than one year are not suitable for use in principle.

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