Acrylic Cream Jar & Bottles Like the Warm Home for Cosmetic

There are many kinds materials of Cosmetic Packaging. Custom Acrylic Cosmetic Cream Jar(KEXON) & Bottles have be feature that can be safety to use outside or inside with good comprehensive performance.

Today we would like to introduce ” Acrylic Jar & Bottles ” to help you get more benefit.

1.Reliable Packaging–some factory prefers to use Acrylic material is because it has the solid construction,to bear greater external force,not easy to broken like glass bottles.

2.Excellent decorative effect–the excellent decorative surface can do printing base on their own design

3.Competitive Price–due to the material is Acrylic and the cost of manufacturer,it has the competitive price than glass bottles

4.High Transparency–compare to the normal type of cosmetic bottles,it has the most obvious feature of high transaprency,the light transmittance can reach more than 92%

5.Good Anti-resistance– even if it is used outdoors,users can rest assured that ultraviolet light will not damage some molecular structure of the products,thus affecting the use effect.

6.Available diversity design–in actual application,the feature of acrylic provide more convenience for designer of packaging,it makes the process more easy,better quality control.

We are cosmetic acrylic cosmetic packaging manufacturer, find more high quality acrylic jars, custom acrylic bottle,best acrylic lotion bottle etc at KEXON Packaging.

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