How does the Lotion Pump Work?

Lotion Pump(KEXON) start the machine, the motor drives the intermittent splitter to do intermittent rotating motion, and the intermittent splitter drives the main rotating disc and the gasket feeding disc to rotate synchronously. The gasket is fed into the gasket track through the vibrating tray, and the gasket is pressed into the gap of the gasket feeding plate under the rotating action of the micro motor installed outside the gasket track. The gasket loading plate rotates with the gasket into the slot corresponding to the main rotating plate a, the gasket falls into the notch of the main rotating plate a, and rotates to the next station with the main rotating plate, i.e. the headless pump feeding notch.

The headless pump is sent out from the vibrating tray and the linear vibrator, and enters directly below the gasket along its feeding track to rotate together to the assembly unit. The cylinder drives the press sleeve to press the gasket directly above into the headless pump to complete the assembly. Finally, the finished product is rotated to the discharge port to blow out the finished product. The gaskets enter the gasket track in sequence through the gasket vibrating tray feeder. As the micro-motor rotates clockwise, a downward external force will be applied to the gaskets in the gasket track, causing the gaskets to enter the slot of the gasket feeding tray. The gasket loading plate is linked with the bearing, gasket drum and pinion and rotates clockwise.

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