What are the Inspection Methods for Cosmetic Plastic Pump Packaging?

As a fashionable consumer goods, cosmetics not only need exquisite packaging, but also need to protect the products during transportation or shelf life. Now combined with the requirements of cosmetic Plastic Pump(KEXON) packaging testing and application, the test items and inspection methods are summarized. Cosmetic packaging is expected to help cosmetic manufacturers and cosmetics packaging suppliers in packaging inspection and quality control.

First, cosmetics transport packaging testing: Cosmetics must be transported, shelf display and other links to reach the hands of consumers, you need to have good transport packaging. At present, the transportation and packaging of cosmetics are mainly corrugated boxes, and the main test indicators are the compressive strength and stacking test of the carton.

The carton needs to be stacked in the process of storage and transportation. In the lowest layer, the carton must withstand the pressure of the upper carton. In order not to collapse, it must have suitable compressive strength after stacking, so stacking and maximum pressure are carried out. The double detection of the collapse is very important.

Second, cosmetics self-adhesive label testing: Self-adhesive labels are widely used in cosmetic packaging. The testing items are mainly for the adhesion test of self-adhesive labels (stickers or pressure-sensitive adhesives). The main testing items are: initial tack properties, holding properties, Peel strength (peeling force) three indicators.

Third, cosmetic packaging printing quality inspection: Cosmetics have a good visual aesthetic and are beautifully printed. It is more important for the detection of printing quality. At present, the conventional items for the quality inspection of cosmetic printing are the abrasion resistance (scratch resistance) of the printing ink layer, the adhesion fastness detection, and the color discrimination.

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