How to Factors Will Cause the Trigger Sprayer to Deform

Handheld Trigger Sprayer (KEXON) manufacturers’ products are very common in our lives, and we should pay attention to its correct operation when using it, but what causes it to deform when it is used? The deformation phenomenon is generally caused by the heat problem. If the liquid or the object injected into the bottle is too hot, it will cause deformation. There is also the deformation caused by mutual dissolution and weight loss. Of course, we can’t rule out the deformation caused by the negative pressure caused by oxidation. The unknown impurities in the raw materials often oxidize with the oxygen in the air left in the bottle. Gradually, it will cause negative pressure and deformation.

Therefore, we must pay attention to its correct use when using it, and should pay attention to maintenance in peacetime, so as to better play its effect and extend the service life.

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