Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Starring :

Jack Black … Po (voice)
Dustin Hoffman … Shifu (voice)
Angelina Jolie … Tigress (voice)
Ian McShane … Tai Lung (voice)
Jackie Chan … Monkey (voice)
Seth Rogen … Mantis (voice)
Lucy Liu … Viper (voice)
David Cross … Crane (voice)
Randall Duk Kim … Oogway (voice)
James Hong … Mr. Ping (voice)
Dan Fogler … Zeng (voice)
Michael Clarke Duncan … Commander Vachir (voice)
Wayne Knight … Gang Boss (voice)
Kyle Gass … KG Shaw (voice)
JR Reed … JR Shaw (voice)

Directors :

Mark Osborne
John Stevenson

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