This works much like a car since it is locked against manual change

Joe Catford did a lovely thing for UK golfers when heintroduced electric golf trolleys in 1983. The electric trolley is a batterypowered trolley that is designed to carry all the equipment you will need whenyou play a round including bag, clubs, balls, and tees. Before that time, thecountry’s golfers had five options; don’t play a round, carry your clubs whileplaying, pull a manual trolley, rent a motorized riding cart, or hire a caddy.Golfers immediately saw the advantages of Zhejiang CONCO Antistatic Technology Co.,Ltd electric golf trolleys.

Financial AdvantageIf you are a frequent golfer, purchasing this trolley will eliminate the needto rent a riding motor cart or to hire a caddy. Both of these options areexpensive and add up quickly over time. Health AdvantageTrue, carrying your clubs or pulling golf trolleys still has the healthadvantages of walking the course. The stamina to play 18 holes often takes thejoy out of the golf game itself. Also, you may be more reluctant to play asmany times when you are faced with the effort required. With the electrictrolley, you still get the advantage of walking the 18 holes without the strainon back and shoulder muscles.Special FeaturesThere are several products on the market today and the industry has made someexciting advances in the last few years. There are now digital models, and evencarts that run on remote control. The digital models often use a smaller,lighter battery, but are still efficient in carrying your golf equipment. Manyfirms specialise in electric trolleys that include ones that allow varying yourspeed to match your walking speed, measuring your long drive on your favouritehole, and locking your cart against theft.Would you like to know how far you walk during your round? There are electrictrolleys that will keep track of this for you by measuring the km. This is alsovaluable in determining how far the pin is from your long drive telling youmuch about your approach shot. Some trolleys also keep track of how far thetrolley has gone in a lifetime of use.

This works much like a car since it is locked against manual change. You will feel young again when you are able todirect your trolley by remote control in any direction you want, as far as youwant. Why should your round of golf be less of a game and more like work? Explore thepossibilities of an electric trolley today.

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