GPS Trackers for Trailers – Protect Your Equipment with the Help of Trailer Tracking Devices & Solutions

As a business, your assets will be the literal lifeblood of your business. It’s important to safeguard them with regard to your business and its own long-term success. GPS tracking gives you to track your trailers therefore much more. They are only a few benefits you can enjoy from using GPS tracking on your trailers.

Track Assets to Determine Theft

Gps trailer tracker – You should use GPS tracking to notify you if trailers are moved during occasions when they must be stationary or if indeed they move beyond certain geographic boundaries that you establish. If these exact things occur, you’ll be notified instantly by text, email, or another founded alert. This enables you to quickly identify the robbery of your truck and promptly inform the government bodies of the precise location while your truck is on the road so that recovery of your property undamaged is much more likely.

Track Mileage Accurately

When trailers are journeying over the street it isn’t always easy to monitor mileage. The brand new digital logging device (ELD) guideline established to take impact in Dec of 2017 requires electric motor carriers and motorists to use approved digital logging devices that use the engine of the vehicle to record and monitor the truck’s activities but haven’t any such requirements for the trailers that bring the cargo. Using Gps navigation monitoring on your trailers gives you to monitor drivers activity, swiftness, distance, and mileage journeyed from your trailers letting you look for ways to save energy, reduce labor, and spend less all around. In addition, it allows you to costs clients more effectively too!

Improve Driver Safety

Your electricity company’s reputation reaches risk each time one of your motorists hits the street. Fleet monitoring has shown to improve drivers protection with the accountability it offers. All it requires is one incident involving a computer program vehicle to damage your reputation, especially if unsafe traveling was the reason. Fleet monitoring, which implements drivers scoring and pulls focus on unsafe behaviors, can help you improve fleet security.

Reduced Overtime

Are your drivers and employees clocking in more overtime than you have budgeted for? Fleet monitoring can help lower overtime for motorists and mobile employees. When you yourself have ways to monitor where they may be, you will keep your team responsible, and ensure they are working effectively to lessen overtime. The accountability only will help reduce inflated overtime expenditures.

What Kind of Trailers can GPS Devices Track?

GPS can be used to track a wide variety of trailers, including:

  • Tractor trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • Tethered or untethered trailers
  • Horse trailers
  • Cargo trailers
  • Unpowered or powered trailers

The fantastic news is that GPS tracking units are are powered by low voltage, internal batteries, meaning they don’t require frequent charging. In addition they provide notifications whenever power is disconnected – providing you a spot of reference if they’re found out and removed before the theft.

Protect your business likes and dislikes today by buying GPS tracking not limited to your trucks, also for your trailers, which are generally carrying valuable and costly cargo.

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