NBA champion hot father and then talk

When the NBA draft draws the end of (click Cheap NBA 2K18 MT) the meeting, the Celtics won the champion signed, the Lakers did not wish to get the champion signed, but they also got the second place to sign, which is also good for the Lakers.
The results of the champion champion Bauer’s father this time there are words. He was as in the past, did not show very disappointed, he was interviewed at home, and he said another champion Hot Fulz is not ready to join the Lakers.
“My reaction is always right, I told him to go to the Lakers, the Boston Celtics can choose Fuerz, he is a good player.I think Fulz is very suitable for the Celtics, you do not put He was elected to the Lakers.He was not ready to join the Lakers, only one person is ready, that is my son. “Bauer said.
“I have been prepared for this for a long time, I know I have to make a perfect plan. His jersey number is the same number 2, you guess where he will go? No. 2 players, we must go to the Lakers, we come “Bauer is happy with his son joining the Lakers.

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