Why Commercial Dog Food is Problematic

When it comes to buying dog food, you probably don’t think too much about the ingredients that are found in the can. After all, the food has been developed by dog nutritionists, and your dog seems to enjoy it, so where is the problem? Unfortunately, all too many people are falling into the trap of making this misconception, where they assume that their dog’s diet is adequate because the label on the packaging says that it is a complete pet food. What else could the dog possibly need other than a complete food?

Here at the Online Vet Store, we pride ourselves on stocking only the very highest quality pet foods—because we understand that the food that you probably buy from the store simply isn’t the right quality for your beloved pet.

But what’s wrong with commercial dog food that you find at the store, anyway?


Why Not All Complete Dog Food is Made Alike

All too many dog owners assume that the complete pet food that they are feeding their dog is the ideal diet, but unfortunately, this is all too often not the case. But what is wrong with modern dog food, and why should you choose top quality food such as the products that we at the Online Vet Store stock instead?

Invariably, the quality of meat that is used in dog food simply won’t be quite the same quality as the food that we put on our own plates. However, in many cases, your pet’s dog food will simply be unsuitable for his diet! Indeed, meat content can be among the most expensive of all of the different ingredients in your dog’s food, and this can lead many budget brands—and even some expensive brands—to cut the amount of actual meat in the food in favor of other, cheaper ingredients such as grains.

Now, it is important to note that your dog does need some degree of fibrous matter in his or her diet to be healthy. Problems can start to arise, however, when the diet is made up from too much grain or produce and not enough meat based protein, which will subsequently lead to your beloved pet becoming undernourished and sickly.


What to Feed Instead

When choosing a food for your pet, it is important that you check the label and choose a product that is actually going to be good for them. All of the products that we stock at the Online Vet Store are chosen carefully, so that we can be confident that they will provide nothing but the very best nutrition for your pet!

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