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Advantages and Disadvantages of powerlifting belts

Many people have doubts about the use of the powerlifting belts when it comes to exercise. Well, in today’s article, I am going to talk about the advantages and benefits of using the belt for weight lifting.

This material helps us reduce stress in the lower back by lifting weight in an upright position and helping us prevent hyperextension of the back when performing lifting above our head. In addition, the belt for power lifting will help us reduce lumbar strain, thanks to the compression of the abdominal cavity that is produced. What it is going to do is to increase the intra-abdominal pressure, offering a greater support to the lower back. Another advantage of the weight-lifting belt is that it reduces contractions of the spine.

The weight-lifting belt will allow us to maintain alignment of the back, which can be very beneficial if we have suffered any type of injury beforehand and can help us prevent injuries that have to do with lifting an excessive weight. 

When to use the belts:

In order to get the most out of the weight-lifting belt, we must use it intelligently. They are not miraculous, and they will help us to some extent. It is also not advisable to use it in all exercises, or with all weights, as the body becomes accustomed to it and weakens the areas that are being helped by the belt for weight lifting.

For example, to perform a curl of biceps, the belt for weight lifting should not be used unless we do it with barbell and with a lot of weight. Many of the people I have seen used in this situation, it is because they use a weight that they cannot handle, and also are suffering some injury in the lumbar because of handling a lot of weight and using poor technique.

But for dead weight and / or heavy squats, the weight-lifting belt is a perfect complement, since when we are handling certain weights, the support provided by powerlifting belts is unquestionable.

Some Advantages of the belts

  • Lifting belts compress the spine by increasing abdominal pressure and” wrapping “the torso.
  • Belts can reduce the lumbar range of motion, reducing the risk of injury to the lower back.
  • Belts can enhance proprioception by increasing the perception of stability in a given lift.

Some Disadvantages of the belts

  • A person who uses a lifting belt when injured tends to risk a more serious injury.
  • Belts can provide the wearer with the feeling that they can lift more pounds, thus increasing the risk of injury due to that perception.
  • Belts can increase blood pressure.

Before you choose to buy a particular powerlifting belt for your exercises, it is highly recommended to get the advice from a professional trainer who can guide you to choose the right type of belt for you which is going to be beneficial for your workouts. Choosing the right kind of belt is the key to successful and harmless workouts. 

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