Matthew Davies Gives You Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Phone


It is common knowledge that our smartphones get slow over time. If you notice that your mobile is not as responsive as it used to be, maybe it is time for you to spring clean your phone. Spring cleaning your phone can improve its performance and can also help you to fix software bugs. However, there is a proper way to do it as if you are not careful, you can lose your important data or even brick your phone. When I wanted to spring clean my mobile, I had no idea how to proceed. Luckily, my friend, Matthew Davies, is a smartphone geek and helped me to restore my phone back to its youthful state. Now it runs better than ever before.


Given below are some spring-cleaning tips that you can use to get rid of the junk in your mobile.

  1. Get rid of old or useless media – Over time, your mobile can get filled with useless pics or videos and take up a lot of space. This is especially true if you use social media apps or instant messengers, and share pics and videos with your friends. So, it is important to get rid of them every once in a while, in order to save space. Use the bulk select option in your smartphone to delete all the useless files at once.
  1. Delete useless apps or games – Sometimes, we like to download apps on a whim and never use them again. The same is true for games. Maybe you have a game on your mobile that you rarely play. Consider uninstalling these apps and games.
  1. Clean the system cache – Even when we uninstall an app or a game, the system may not completely remove all the files. In some cases, you need to manually clean the data or cache associated with the app or the game. In order to clean your system cache, you can use a storage booster app.

Alternatively, you can use the file cleaner app on your mobile to clean the redundant system files on your mobile. This will not only help you to save space but can also fix some system issues.

  1. Do a factory reset of your handset – Your mobile may still be laggy even after you follow all the steps above. Indeed, the best way to reset your mobile is to do a complete factory reset of your smartphone. This will make it as good as new and you will notice a significant improvement in performance and battery life.

However, be sure to back up all your important data on a different storage device as all the data will get deleted. You can back up the media files on your hard disk or a cloud drive. Your contacts, messages, and system settings can be stored on your Google account if you sync it with your online account.

After you perform the factory reset, just restore the data back into your mobile and everything will be better.


You don’t have to be a smartphone geek like my friend, Matthew Davies, in order to keep your mobile running in good condition. Just follow the steps above in order to increase the digital life on your mobile.

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