Details about 2019 1/20 oz Australian Lunar Year of the Pig 2019 Gold Coin

The 1/20 oz Australian Lunar Year of the Pig 2019 gold coin is the latest coin from Perth Mint. Australian Lunar Bullion Coin Series II gives its finale in 2019 with portraying the pig on its surface from the 12-year lunar calendar. Perth Mint Australia’s global leader in Gold and silver coins shows great attention to detail, and each coin of this series is well crafted.

1/20 oz Australian Lunar Year of the Pig 2019 Gold Coin contains 99.99% pure gold with an excellent quality. The coin symbolizes the year of the Pig with a fascinating design marking this social, very smart, and inquisitive animal. It’s designed with a unique minting procedure that guarantees the coin has particularly shiny and covering surfaces with lots of detail. This gold coin is really a piece of spectacular gold art perfect for hobbyists and collectors with an eye for value.

Why You Should Buy This Coin

Perth Mint’s Lunar Year of the Pig gold coins are created based on the traditional Chinese Lunar calendar. This lunar coin indicates the Year of the Pig with an excellent design celebrating highly intelligent animal.

This coin can be a great gift for your closest and loved ones. Praise and appreciate your loved ones by inscripted their values and year of birth in shiny and pure 24 karat gold. This gift will remain with them always.

Australian Lunar Year of the Pig gold coins are crafted in highest quality. Each gold coin is crafted by The Perth Mint, one of the global contributors to precious metals also found in the distributor’s shop (LPM.HK) locally and online.

Another reason you should buy Australian Lunar Year of the Pig gold coin, it’s rare. Although smaller mint coins are available, the mintage time period sets boundaries to coins’ number – they’re created during just one year.

These coins can bring you great value – It’s money. The Gold Lunar Series was launched in 1996. This Year of the Pig is recognized to be legal value by the Australian Government.

History of Australian Lunar Gold Coins

It’s considered that the Chinese lunar calendar was formed almost 5 millennia ago by ancient ruling dynasties. Since that time period, the Chinese calendar has been continuously developed by astrophysicists of several royal Chinese rulers, finishing in the last version that was added stated by the earth’s journey around the sun but became into a lunar calendar, thus securing it formally a lunisolar calendar.

The 1st Australian Lunar gold coin series created by The Perth Mint in between 1996-2007, and became the successful bullion series exceeding expectation among collector and investors. Therefore, towards the finish of the 1st series, the market demand for second 12-year Lunar coin series became skyrocketing.

Adding even further to the demand of Lunar Year of the Pig Series II, most of the coins are discovered with a bigger diameter than standard, continuing to their reputable appearance.


Facts about Gold and Silver | Which One Worth Buying

Lots of people have been buying gold and silver for thousands of years. Also, gold and silver coin is precious and holds the perfect value over the years and can easily found in every corner of the world. These two types of bullion coin have their own demand. Gold is rarer that silver, no surprise why gold is more pricey than silver. Okay, now let’s discuss some facts and the difference between gold and silver.

Facts about Gold

1. Gold is rarer than lots of other materials. It is so rare that the amount of steel pours in an hour is larger than the gold has poured since the beginning of the civilization.

2. Rust doesn’t affect gold and so flexible that you can make into sewing thread.

3. It’s hard to find 1-ounce nugget than a five-carat diamond.

4. The boiling point of gold is 2808°C and melting point is 1064°C

5. Ninety percent of total world’s gold has mined since California gold rush in 1849

6. “1 Tonne Gold Kangaroo Coin” is the largest gold bullion coin ever made. It was produced by the Perth Mint in Western Australia in 2012. The face value of this bullion coin is over 1 million AUD.

7. Almost half of the mining gold is used to make jewelry, and this is the biggest application of gold.

8. There are 4600 tonnes of gold is stored in US Bullion Depository, Kentucky.

9. Gold is used for decorative and monetary properties. Also, it has a wide application of industrial application variation from electronics to nanotechnology via dentistry, also used in the space industry. Almost 9% of gold used for technical uses.

10. There are almost 15000 tonnes of gold laid on the world’s sea-bed.

Facts about Silver

1. Silver is best known for the use of the electronics industry as it is the best conductor of both heat and electricity.

2. Silver is the best light reflector, that’s why silver is used to make mirrors.

3. Related to Silver, more patents have been issued than other materials.

4. Until 1965, the US coins, quarters, dimes, and half dollars have contained ninety percent silver.

5. Silver is vastly used in industrial use. Also, it is used in traditional film photography called the silver screen. In this technological era, silver is used in mobile phones, batteries, medical applications, and switches.

6. Until 1947, British silver coins contained real silver. But later, it was replaced by Cupro-nickel.

7. According to the RSC(Royal Society of Chemistry), Silver has antimicrobial elements. That means, it can be woven into clothing to protect us from bacteria.

8. Thirty pieces of silver for which Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus have been shekels issued in the town called Tyre, located in Lebanon.

9. According to a study from the Astronomy and Astrophysics journal in 2012, they found that larger stars explode and produce gold while smaller starts produce silver.

Bottom Line

Gold and silver are used for centuries and a great way to invest. There are lots of online and traditional shops like LPM.HK where you can buy gold or silver. Also, you can look into their collection range from their website instead of directly going to the store.

Details about 1 Oz Great Britain Two Dragons 999 Silver Coin

In 2018, UK Royal Mint has released a spectacular 1 Oz Two Dragons 999 Silver bullion Coin. This silver coin is a must-have purchase for every coin collectors and investors. The demand for this unique silver coin is already on the rise. So our recommendation is that you should grab it before it gets sold out. So let’s talk about some interesting facts about this coin.

Design of the Two Dragon Silver Bullion Coin

In 2018, this silver bullion coin has released limited to only 50000 pieces worldwide. 1oz Two Dragons silver bullion coin includes .999 pure silver. As you know Royal Mint is recognized for its reputation releasing the unique design with the best quality. This coin is not an exception. The design, quality, overall craftsmanship is maintained very carefully. The reverse design of this coin celebrates Fifty years of production of Royal Mint’s present base in Wales. It also indicates the expansion of the bullion coin into China. The design of the Two Dragon is influenced by the Yin and Yang. With a fiery Welsh Dragon, a Chinese traditional dragon is incorporated.

Meet the dragons | Design

The Welsh dragon is an impressive character. This fiery dragon is once taken from the ancient battlefields. Welsh dragon is one of the mythical beasts that are connected with the history of the sovereignty of this day. This creature can also be found on the Wales Red Dragon bullion coin which is one of the best-selling coins from Queen’s beast series.

Now, let’s talk about other Dragon which is represented the Chinese tradition. These Chinese dragons are generally correlated with the Lunar Series and Chinese Zodiac coins. According to the Chinese ancient history and mythology, dragons symbolize the power and strength. It can also control the elements. Incorporating the two remarkable creatures, resulting in an impressive bullion coin. Another side of 2018 1oz Two Dragons Silver coin includes the Jody Clark portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with a new guilloche background.

Main Features

1. A UK Royal Mint’s Production.

2. Includes 1 Oz of .999 pure silver.

3. The front side features the portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II with a guilloche background design.

4. Reverse side features the incorporation of the Chinese dragon and the Welsh dragon in a formation of Yin/Yang.

5. Limited to 50000 pieces worldwide.

6. CGT Exempt and VAT Free.

7. UK Government ensures the purity and weight.

8. Minted to silver bullion standard.


Again, it’s out highly recommendation to buy this silver bullion coin. There are lots of physical and online store like LPM are offering this limited edition coin. Grab it before sold out. Thanks!