Seven Interesting Facts about Golds

Throughout history, Gold and Silver hold their value substantially. Even many investors are now considering investing in Gold coin and Silver coin as a safe investment. In this article, we are going to share 7 facts about gold. So let’s get started…

1. In the World’s Oceans, Ten Billion Tonnes of Gold Dissolved

You would be amazed to hear that, there are almost 10 billion gold is dissolving in seawater. It exists in small but visible quantities in normal seawater. There is estimation that, if you efficiently refine it out, you could get 20 tonnes of gold substance from a cube of seawater. The seawater holds more gold than humans ever have mines during the history of gold mining. But recovering gold from seawater is more expensive than traditional mining.

2. Elvis Presley Has Three Gold Plated Cars

Famous singer and performer Elvis Presley has three gold plated cars. According to the technical facts, only fenders, hubcaps, and other bright colored chrome plated vehicles were gilded. Elvis Presley was very fashionable. Having three gold plated cars are one of the remarks of Elvis Presley.

3. Pure Gold is soft at Room Temperature

Gold can be shaped at any form. It is 99.99% pure and can easily be bent by bare hand. That’s the reason; a large amount of pure gold is shaped into gold bars and ingots so it can be transported easily. Also, there are some large amounts of gold is shaped into gold coins. You can look at the store like LPM.HK to check the variety of coins that feature pure gold.

4. World’s Largest Gold Coin is 80cms Wide

The Perth Mint is holding the current record of creating the largest gold coin. It is 80cms wide and 12cms deep. The weight of this coin is one tonne. This one-tonne gold coin is a masterpiece and features a red kangaroo surrounded by amazing rays of sunlight. It is a 99.99% pure gold coin and represents the summit of innovation and imagination of the designers.

5. Heavier Than Appears in the Movies

Imagine the movies where you’re favorite star casually picking up a four stone bar and ran off like a sprinter. But in reality, gold is much heavier than that. A 400 troy ounce or 2 stone gold bar weights 12.4 kilos which is 21-39 cm long and only 2.5-4.5 cm thick. In movies, props are twice that size which is unrealistic.

6. Gold Medals Awarded at the Olympics are not Pure Gold

Since World War 1, gold medals awarded at the Olympics are not actually gold. At the last Olympic Games, the gold medals are made of .925 grade silver plated with a mere 6 grams of gold. The silver medals are actually .925 grade solid silver, and the bronze medal featured mostly copper. The last pure gold medal was awarded at 1912 Olympic Games.

7. Huge Quantity of Gold Available in Outer Space

According to the statement of many Planetologist, there are a huge number of gold available in outer planets like Mercury, Venus, and Mars. During the supernova explosions, gold was crashing into space including Earth. But mining gold in the space is the real challenge. If it’s possible to mine gold, the collector’s value would be considerable because there will be a huge cost of mining gold.

Royal Mint Introduce New One Ounce Silver Bullion Coin

The Royal Mint has begun to create a series of 1oz silver bullion coin which is referred to as “Landmarks of Britain”.

Previously, Royal Mint had only a small bullion range in their collection. But they are expanding their range in recent times. Most recently, they launched Anniversary Britannia and right that they create this bullion series called “Landmarks Of Britain”. They have planned to introduce four coins for this series.

  1. Big Ben
  2. Tower Bridge
  3. Trafalgar Square
  4. Buckingham Palace

These colored coins are planning to create by inspiring from four landmarks of London. The first bullion coin is released as the inspiration landmark of Big Ben. It is the most popular landmarks in London, and the coin shows the inspiration of this tremendous architectural design. Interesting fact that, Big Ben is the name of a tower bell placed at the north end of the Westminster Palace.

It’s well-known that the name Big Ben is used to the honor of first commissioner Sir Benjamin Hall who serves the period of 1855-1858. The original bell was placed in 1856 but broke very quickly and replaced in 1858, but again it has broken. At least, a small hammer was utilized to strike. Big Ben is still a damaged bell which gives a particular sound because of the crack, and it sounds like musical note E. The sound is so famous right now that it reminds the fabric of British life.

Instead of using the straight image of Big Ben which normally portraits in movies and TV shows, Royal mint decided to use the tourist view of the tower. A view from the street covering with a sight of the typical weather of London. Considering the two landmarks – “Big Ben and Buckingham Palace”, Royal mint designers decided to show on the surface of 2 Oz silver coin in 2014 and 2015 which is nearly cost £100. The one with Big Ben face on it, sold quickly and Royal mint acquired a great value. Following the success of Big Ben, they decided to release the 1 Oz silver coin bullion. And they are getting success on that too.

One ounce silver coin bullion is priced slightly high compared to the Britannia. They released only fifty thousand pieces minted per design considering the four landmarks. The demand as estimated is an uprising. You can buy this silver coin bullion from the store of Their coins come in an original and unique capsule.

Though it’s slightly expensive than other series, it’s our high recommendation to collect this one. It will add up excellent value to your collection.