Pinch the ball that can be held by the palm of your hand

As long as the brand can be made, the line of the energy element is good. That is to say, if you say that you are not partial to the pit, it depends on where Yuxinyu swims to speak. Everyone chooses double hooks. After catching about 5 fish, you need to fill the nest, feed the nest, rub the size of the carp bait, and bring in 3 rods. On the lead skin, pinch the ball that can be held by the palm of your hand (say the nest, it’s best to open it and loosen it, one is that the effect of atomization is good-the fish is attracted, and the other is that it is easier to disperse after entering the water) In the future, start to bring the nest inside. First use the taste to lure the fish. Let’s just say so much, focusing on fishing bait, not because it is important, mainly because it is the best control. No way But sometimes the first position and the second position are not particularly absolute! A pit I always went to last year. Three, black pit fishing hook techniques for crucian carp Select hook: It’s relatively simple.

As long as it is a special place for fish, he will always be this pit, the most special place. A large number of fish will gather, and the exit must be controlled, don’t catch him. But there are two situations, we can use large hook distance: A. If we still use the usual size hooks, it will be easy to fish. I always wanted to know what bait people used for domestic violence. Of course, it is better for some people to play with less and more fish. Why sometimes I see everyone catching fish continuously, some people can catch the fish for a long time and some people just catch it for a while?

This is the main reason. 4.. There are few people, fishing line spoolers Factory and it’s hard to be violent. I have tried many times, just to make the mouth weaker and slow down.) If the hand food is opened too much and the state cannot be guaranteed, the taste will also run away, especially in summer, and there is a possibility of deterioration.the mouth is good, the fish is thicker: the main 1. What kind of quick kill, fish appetizer, musk, pig breast milk, etc. Observe the condition of the fish in the nest. Reed: Recommend Alu and Yuzuo; C. I used to think that fishing was a very simple activity. But sometimes it’s useless to make up, but the fish stops.

What he seeks is stability. After the black hole, I found that it was really not a simple project. After talking about the nest, hand food is not something I don’t want to say, but in fact, hand food is really not important. When it comes to fishing, how do fish distinguish neon lights? It is the smell. Four, black pit fishing line skills for crucian carp , weak mouth, thin thread for embarrassing fish main: 0., especially the physical strength of the fish and the bad seasonal weather. 1. I also hope that the black hole experts on our Internet, fishing clubs, will also come out to chat. What I said is that it is usually harder to catch.

To be honest, it is really difficult to control fish. Bait I don’t want to go into details about the bait. Therefore, the hook distance does not need to be very large. The two baits are about 10 centimeters apart. Sometimes it has a lot to do with the hook. Although the movements he gave are not so big, they are very real! adjust drift: I must first make it clear that I support Congjie’s statement regarding the drifting issue. Why I said that the hook distance is not good, I did a test at home.

Fish in the wild are used to eating wild food

Five Tips for Wild Fishing Master the season and timing of fishing Some people say that spring is the fishing swivel golden season for fishing, but this is not necessarily the case in natural waters. The bait should be mainly foam-resistant bulk bait and granular erbium, such as: peanut bran cake, rapeseed cake, millet soaked in wine, etc.

Fish in the wild are used to eating wild food, and some have developed mouth addiction. of. Finally, choose a safe and flat place to stand, and take into account the convenience of walking and fetching fish after catching the fish. Obtain useful information and be aware of it. Foraging. At this time, your patience will be tested.

At the same time, lack of artificial feeding, fish are usually thinner. The whole fishing process is full of many unknown factors. The fishing club will share the five tips on how to go wild fishing with fishermen. What kind of fishing rig is more reasonable? Then we need to analyze specific issues in detail, and everything should be based on reality and considered from the perspective of safety. Patience and waiting are indispensable. But be targeted, don’t change it blindly.

In natural waters, there are different fish species, so the fishing method must be flexible and changeable. The important thing is how to attract the fish. If you choose a fishing rig from the perspective of sensitivity, when you finally get to the big fish, the line is broken and the big fish ran away with a broken rod. You must wait patiently for the fish to enter the nest. Can catch one, but people are tired enough.Wild fishing is challenging, intense and exciting. If there is no bottom fish, you can catch the upper fish

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