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Involuntary ejaculation of self inflating

Involuntary ejaculation of self inflating sleeping pads semen during sleep is medically termed as wet dreams or nocturnal emissions. Frequency of nocturnal emissions is highly variable from one person to another depending on parameters like age, health and lifestyle.

As per studies, general rate of night emission in normal condition is once during a period of fifteen to thirty days. Pathologic or abnormal rate of nocturnal emission may lead way to several health hazards. Emotional upsets, low sperm concentration, hormonal disorders and abnormal shape and motility of sperms are some main reported impacts of frequent nocturnal emission. Now, let’s see in detail what specifically causes nocturnal emissions in people. Number of physical as well as emotional factors plays key roles in causing wet dreams. Erotic dream or thought is one among the important causes leading way to wet dreams in people. Occurrence of erotic dreams can arouse nightfall with or without erection. Sometimes it is hard to point out the actual cause of this involuntary orgasm.

As per studies, it is reported that most males experience erotic dreams in the age period between 20s and 30s. Nocturnal emissions formed by erotic dreams usually occur during REM sleep. During REM sleep, there will be intense brain activities controlling autonomic nervous system. As a result of autonomic activity, erectile system of male genital organ will be activated causing wet dreams. According to research, it is found that a man needs to ejaculate from time to time even when he is not sexually active. This condition usually occurs after reaching the maximum holding capacity of semen in the body of person. It can be also described as a natural way to release sexual tension. Normal rate of wet dreams will not produce any harm to the body of person. Problems due to night emission will cease when a male has ejaculation either through masturbation or sex with his partner. Physical stimulation caused by blankets and pillows is an important cause reported for nocturnal emission. Combination of external stimulation by blankets together with erotic dreams results in ejaculation during sleep. Weakening of parasympathetic nervous system of person is another main cause reported for the formation of frequent wet dreams. It is mainly seen among those people involved in poor sexual behaviour.

Some among the factors responsible for weakening of parasympathetic nervous system include blocked blood vessels, prolonged use of drugs, long sitting hours and nervous disorders. Patients suffering from frequent nocturnal emissions are advised to practice breathing exercises and meditation. It helps in regaining physical as well as mental health of person. Regular doing of meditation also helps in staying away from sexual stimulations. Conversations about sexual thoughts, reading magazines containing adult content and watching sex related movies are some common causes giving rise to the risk of night emission during sleeping hours. For preventing the occurrence of nocturnal emission, it is advised to limit or cease the intake of alcohol, spicy food and caffeinated products. People with chronic nightfall are also advised to intake a supportive diet and take a warm water bath before going to bed.