Me inside

Giving in to what has got me
Feeling claustrophobic, scarred
severed me form all emotion
Life is just too fucking hard
Snap! Your face was all it loock
Cuz this need ain´t doin´ me no good
Fall on my face, but can´t you see?
This fucking life is killing me!

Tearing me – inside

too far gone, I´m catatonic
Leaving you to criticize
empty shell and runing naked
All alone… lobotomized
Back and forth between my hangs-up
It isn´t easy to be hated
Where do you go? Whaddaya do?
Simpleton, impramptu, crazy eight
I never cared, not once
Gotta get away!

I wasn´t promised a thing
You keep mocking me
But you will never again
Before you know it – after you´re gone


Somos feos y pestamos y pero renomas hoto

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