How To Create An App Without Coding Skills

What Is An App?

The app is the abbreviation of the word application. Computer program: In practice, however, the word app is often associated with mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. An app is nothing but a piece of software made to work on a specific operating system.

Mobile Operating Systems

If you buy a smartphone or tablet, one of the first considerations is often the operating system. The most popular systems at this time are (ranked by market share of large to small)

  • Android (Google)
  • iOs (Apple)
  • Windows Phone (Microsoft)
  • BlackBerry OS (Rim)

Market share of mobile operating systems each operating system works differently. Therefore, apps must be explicitly programmed for a particular operating system.

What Can You Do With An App?

Whatever your smartphone or tablet can, you can use an app.

So do you have a phone with a camera? Then you can use apps to create photos. Do you have GPS on your phone? Then you can use a map app to see where you are or plan a route.

Frequently used app applications include: games (Angry Birds, Candy Crush), Social Networks (Facebook), Communications (WhatsApp), Music (Spotify).

In most cases, some apps are already reinstalled on tablets and smartphones. You can usually not delete these default apps.

How Do You Install An App?

All mobile operating system has its own app store where you can download apps, sometimes free and sometimes for a fee.

  • Google Play Store (1.3 million apps)
  • Apple App Store (1.2 million apps)
  • Windows Phone Store (300,000 apps)

New apps are launched daily on all platforms, but the biggest growth currently applies to Android.

Now that you understand what an app is, you might want to know how to create an app yourself.

Create An App Yourself

To begin with, you will need to prepare your computer for developing apps. You need a piece of software, and you will need to change some settings.

Android Studio (Free)

  • This is Google’s standard software that allows you to create Android apps. The studio includes:
  • An editor for programming
  • SDK Tools to install the correct Android versions/platforms
  • Android Emulator to test your app while developing

How To Create An App Without Coding Skills?

The best way to learn how to program an Android app is on the Android Developer website. Here is always the latest information with extensive examples and practical tips.

Publish Android App

Once you’ve developed and tested your app, you want to make it available to as many people as possible. You can do that by publishing the app to the Google Play Store.

You do this through the Google Play Developer Console, where you need a developer account with Google (cost one-time $ 25, -).

While publishing, you will be prompted to fill in as much information about your app as feature descriptions, and various screenshots of your app on different devices/resolutions.

You can also indicate how much to pay for your app while publishing.

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