Are you wondering if a latex mattress is preferable to other styles of mattresses on the market nowadays? Since you’re in the market for a fresh mattress, it’s always smart to check out what sort of improvements are being manufactured in the mattress world. Since you’re interested in investing in a latex mattress, it’s likely that you’re looking for different things than your existing mattress, which sadly didn’t quite surpass your expectations.

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Since there are several mattress choices available nowadays, it’s recommended that you first execute a little research prior to making a commitment to any particular kind of mattress. Latex mattresses are probably the most popular mattresses sold today, due to all of their sleeping benefits.

The Flo mattress Luxury Latex Mattress rates high for both comfort and durability.

If your mattress is old, it’s highly likely you’re buying a comfortable mattress. Or possibly finding a durable mattress reaches the top of your standards list? Maybe sleeping on a safe mattress is vital that you? If you’re buying a mattress for just about any of these reasons, an all-natural latex mattress will probably be your best bet.

Is a latex mattress indeed much better than all of the other styles of mattresses available for sale? Let’s find out.

It depends on the sort of latex used. There are 3 different types of latex foam used when coming up with a mattress – all-natural, synthetic, and blended. In this posting, we’ll be concentrating on the all-natural latex mattress, which offers you one of the better sleeping surfaces available today.

An All-Natural Latex Mattress is manufactured using the sap of a rubber tree, which include natural antimicrobial qualities, which makes it an extremely safe mattress to sleep on. Because this latex is 100% plant-derived, you won’t have to worry about sucking in any harmful chemicals during sleep.

Because a Synthetic Latex Mattress is man-made, chemicals are used. While the synthetic latex may feel somewhat similar to all-natural latex, it isn’t going to be as resilient or as strong as all-natural latex. Because synthetic latex contains chemicals, it creates for an unsafe sleeping surface aswell.

A Blended Latex Mattress is made using a combo of both types of latex.
So, is a latex mattress better because it’s considered to be a safe mattress? Yes, we assume that sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals is definitely an improved mattress choice.

Natural latex easily conforms to your body, providing the extreme comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. Because an all-natural latex mattress tends to offer better support when compared to a memory foam mattress, back and stomach sleepers will benefit from this additional support. The all-natural latex also provides cushioned comfort for side sleepers to take pleasure from.


All-Natural Latex means no harmful chemical compounds = Safe Mattress
Can help you sleep cooler, enabling a deeper night’s sleep
Incredible pressure point relief
Sustainably harvested, so better for the surroundings


Heavier and a bit more expensive than foam mattresses

The following is a list of other styles of mattresses, along with a list of their pros and cons.

FOAM Mattress: Known because of its soft, sinking, quicksand-like sensation, foam is manufactured using harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals.


Conforms to the body
Soft, sinking sensation


Odour, off-gassing, filled with chemicals
Retains body heat and sleeps hot
It generally does not offer optimal support for your spine
No motion isolation
Hybrid FOAM Mattress: A hybrid memory foam mattress has a coil foundation which is covered with foam (or other types of foam).


Conforms to your body
Soft, sinking sensation


You don’t always know very well what sort of materials are being used
Odour, off-gassing, filled with chemicals
Retains body heat and sleeps hot
It generally does not offer optimal support for your spine
No motion isolation
Short lifespan
Gel Foam Mattress: Gel is often added to foam so as to create a cooler sleeping surface.


Sleeps cooler than memory foam


Short lifespan
Cooling properties can lessen as time passes
Pillowtop Mattress: A pillowtop mattress comes with an additional layer of padding at the top, giving sleepers the additional softness and comfort.


Comfortable at first


Sleeps hot
Minimal body support
Short lifespan and body indentations form as time passes
Potential off-gassing

When you’re shopping for a fresh mattress, you should consider, why is a mattress perfect for me? Finding a quality mattress that meets your sleeping needs is vital to getting a good night’s sleep.

So is a latex mattress a much better mattress choice? It really is if you answer yes to the following questions:

Is sleeping on an environmentally safe mattress vital that you?

Are you searching for a quality mattress that enables you to sleep cool?
Do you want a mattress that offers optimal support and pressure relief?
Do you want your brand-new mattress to last you 12 to 15 years?
Are you searching for a mattress that minimizes motion transfer?
Is edge to edge comfort vital that you?
Would you like a mattress that doesn’t must be flipped regularly?

Maybe the Flo mattress All-Natural Latex Mattress a great choice? Yes! Flo mattress Mattresses offer all the above best mattress qualities. If you are prepared to find your perfect latex mattress, to ensure that you can experience a lavish, good night’s sleep, have a look at your options now. At Flo mattress, you always receive free shipping, in addition to a 90-day money-back guarantee, which means you truly have nil to lose.

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