Ball valves seal much tighter

Gate valves and ball valves are generally popular for controlling flow, but you will find important differences.All types of valve are essential to the operations of numerous versions of machinery and equipment, across many industries and applications. It’s hard to imagine a setting without having a valve. That being said, don’t assume all valves are […]

Our products will decrease your maintenance costs

Before thinking ‘are ball valves such as dual wafer check valve a lot better than gate valves’, we have to determine what the main element differences are between the two. The first thing to keep in mind is they both essentially serve the identical function, hence why they are so closely comparable. The main difference between ball […]

A ceramic bearing is usually harder

While regular bearings are produced from stainless steel, ceramic bearings are produced from ceramic silicon nitride. Rolling resistance is key trump card promoted by ceramic bearing fans. Because ceramic bearings are rounder that has a smoother surface and much more uniform size, friction is reduced and this can promote a less energy forced to turn […]

This opens new opportunities

SKF’s new sensing technology takes monitoring one stage further, providing engineers with new insights into machine performance. SKF Fiber Optic Sensing uses optical fibers to measure forces, in real time, in difficult environments and without electronics The technology has an instant summary of equipment performance, measuring parameters including load, speed, temperature and much more. This […]

Manual operation is typical

The flow via a partially opened gate valve isn’t proportional to the motion of the closure element. This limits the usability of gate valves for active control of media flows; thus, gate valves are generally used as shutoff valves to isolate equipment or areas of pipe.Ball valves like stainless steel ball valve can be designed and so […]

Having the relevant input data in position

A practical illustration showing the savings which might be achieved emanates from Stora Enso, a paperboard producer in Sweden. With sealed SKF bearings, Stora Enso has grown uptime, eliminated its lubrication system and reduced water reclamation costs.Previously, the organization was experiencing continuous bearing failures in the suction box vacuum system employed to extract water from pulp. […]

The stem generally in most resilient seated designs

While knife gate valves and gate valves at here share many similarities – they’re both employed in on-off applications, involving slurries along with other viscous media – there are many noteworthy design variances to contemplate when weighing up what sort of valve might be best suited for the job. The flow rate of your globe valve is […]

The information relating to bearing

Called the Generalized Bearing Life Model (GBLM), its development will assure that SKF customers and distributors pick the right bearing for the best application, anytime.Until now, it is difficult for engineers to predict whether a hybrid bearing will outperform a steel one out of a given application, or perhaps the possible performance benefits that hybrid […]