Soak for up to curtain fabric 30 minutes

Lyocell FabricPosted by beaut4ecotex on March 3rd, 2019Lyocell is arayon fabricthat uses an innovative spinning process to dissolve cellulose or wood pulp. It applies to almost everything from denim to towels.Many people want to know if Lycell is shrinking? While lyocell fabrics are durable, sustainable and wrinkle resistant, lyocell fiber care is more than just eye care. Lyocell materials are susceptible to mold damage. To prevent odors, use Stain Solution or Wash & Stain Bar to pre-treat the collar, cuffs and underarms for best results. Read the Clean Talk blog to learn about expert hand washing techniques and time-saving drying techniques.
Treat stains with Stain Solution or Wash & Stain Bar. Focus on fragile areas such as underarms, necklines and cuffs.Stain Solution is suitable for protein and tannin stains such as wine, coffee, ink, grass, urine, blood and old stains such as pit stains.Wash&Stain Bar removes dirt, grease, grease and cosmetics.To remove the odor, add 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar to the cooling water and soak for 30 minutes.Hand washing is always the best and safest way to wash Lysell.Add 2 drops or a drop of delicate wash to a washbasin or sink filled with cold water.Submerge the item, gently stir the water by hand and evenly distribute the soap.
Soak for up to Curtain Fabric 30 minutes.Rinse with cold water until the water is no longer soap. Do not screw. Instead, remove the water from the project.Pull the item out and put it in the mesh cleaning bag.Choose a delicate loop on the washing machine to ensure that the water is cold and the rotation is low.Add the appropriate amount of Delicate Wash depending on the size and load of the machine.For particularly sweaty, dirty or moldy items, add 2 multifunctional bleach substitutes and use normal circulation.

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