The inside of the torch consists of a combination ofoxygen

Oxy-fuel cutting and oxy-fuel welding can be Schwerlastregal Eckregal described asthe processes of using oxygen and fuel gases to either cut or weld metals. There are some striking differences betweenthese two processes. In the first process, a cutting torch is made use of forheating ferrous metal to a temperature of around 980 degree Celsius. An […]

The mold is what will be used to shape the molten metal into the desired piece

Metalcasting takes a certain amount of skill and knowledge not to mention theappropriate tools of the trade. Luckily, anyone can learn metal casting and thetools are widely available and some can even be crafted right at the homeworkshop. Most of the metal casting tools are pretty standard and can be used for thedifferent casting processes. […]