There is no better feeling than when you are wearing MMA gear

There is no better feeling than when you are wearing MMA gear that fits well and is suited to your body type. Comfortable fight wear allows us to enjoy our training and work out to our nrv-nmrv maximum potential. Wearing the right fight gear that also fits well will also protect you from all the hard knocks that you can get through your training.Most fight wear i.e. MMA shorts and rash guards can last an average of six to twelve months.  As you begin to wear out your kit, you begin to notice a difference in comfort. Shorts become worn and can start to split and rash guards can become worn and lose. The time to replace your MMA fight wear is when the item starts to become worn, stitching comes loose, or when the item in question becomes a lose fit to your body. Everyone’s bodies are different shapes and sizes so a certain brand might be better suited to a certain body type. Even though all the brands use the same sizes, when comparing two items from different brands that are the same sizes there can sometimes be a massive difference in the shape or sizes.

Always try the items on first before you buy if you have the chance to but if you can’t or your ordering online then it’s sometimes best to ring the store and get the advice from the sales rep. Normally you can tell them your height, weight and build and they can match you up with the best brand of fight wear for your body type. The best fight wear for you is the one that gives you the proper fit, support and flexibility. When it comes to MMA gear i.e. MMA gloves, knee pads and shin guards the sizing is a little bit different to the fight wear. With the fight wear there’s normally about 5 or 6 size options but with MMA gear there’s normally about two to three sizes. The most common sizes are small/medium and large/extra large.

These two sizes normally cover all body types with the small/medium covering weights from 65kg to 82kg and the large/extra large covering 82kg upwards. As you begin to wear out your MMA gear, you begin to notice a difference in comfort. Worn out gloves, shin guards or knee pads can cause wrist pain, sore knee joints, or aching shins. When padding or support strapping has broken down or the item in question becomes a loose fit to your body then your gear is starting to become worn and you will need replacements. MMA gear should offer you a proper fit, support, protection and flexibility. Remember, always shop for MMA gear with your fighting needs, and comfort in mind. Choose fight wear that suits your body type and always go for the best items that you can afford because cheaper items won’t last you five minutes and will constantly need replacing and better equipment might seem expensive at first but will save you money in the long run because it won’t need to be replaced as frequent as the cheaper gear.

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