China Home Elevators Use Attention

When using household elevators in China, we must pay attention to safety precautions. What are the safety precautions for using household elevators in China? Next otse elevator manufacturers will come to introduce you, follow this article to find out.

First, China’s home elevators can’t be overloaded. When the elevators report to the police, they should take the initiative to withdraw. After the next trip, they will take the China Home Elevators. The overload is very dangerous.

Second, when the country uses the elevator door to close quickly, do not force it into the elevator, prevent the elevator from closing, and avoid a foot staying outside with one foot, which will be hurt. When the elevator door is about to close, it is strictly forbidden to extend the door by hand and try to reopen the door. Keep a distance from the elevator door. Pay special attention to prevent clothing or other personal belongings from being squeezed by the elevator door when opening and closing the door.

Third, China’s home elevators in normal operation, do not press the emergency button, otherwise it will bring you unnecessary trouble. You need the elevator door to keep the door open. You should press and hold the door open button. If you need to carry items, you can ask other passengers to help you hold the door open button.

  1. When using a domestic Chinese household elevator, if the elevator door is not closed, it means that the elevator is faulty, passengers do not ride, and report to the maintenance personnel.
  2. Before coming to the Chinese home elevator, the passengers first check to see if there is a stop sign for maintenance. If the elevator is under maintenance, this sign should be hung and passengers should not ride.
  3. In the event of a fire, the elevator should be parked on a floor where the fire or fireworks are not spreading. Passengers are prohibited from using Chinese home elevators to escape, but to escape from the safe exit of the stairs.

The above is the knowledge about the safety precautions for the use of household elevators in China, and I hope to help you. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a very clear understanding of the use of Chinese home elevators, you can refer to it when using.

Different Materials Of China Home Elevators Maintenance

When buying a home elevator, you will find that there are many materials for the home elevator. The maintenance methods for different materials for home elevators are different. How to maintain the elevators of different materials? Next, China Home Elevators manufacturers will come to introduce you to this knowledge, let’s take a look.

The main material for home elevator decoration is stainless steel. Stainless steel is made of iron-chromium alloy with other trace elements. Because of its good metal properties, it is more resistant to rust, beautiful and durable than other metals. Many people think that stainless steel is never born. Rust, otherwise, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is good because there is a passivation film on the surface. Depending on the conditions of use, the degree of oxidation is different, but it will eventually be oxidized. Therefore, in order to maintain the gorgeous surface of the stainless steel product and prolong its service life, it must be periodically. Carry out maintenance.

  1. Contamination of grease, oil and lubricant on the surface of stainless steel, wipe with a soft cloth and clean with a neutral detergent or special detergent.
  2. The surface of the stainless steel is dusty and easy to remove dirt. It can be washed with soap, weak detergent or warm water, or wiped with talcum powder.
  3. The trademark and film of the stainless steel surface are cleaned with warm water and detergent. The binder component can be scrubbed with alcohol or organic solvent.
  4. Do not scratch the surface during cleaning. The surface brightness is caused by drawing. Never use hard objects to pull the surface. Avoid using bleaching and abrasive ingredients, steel balls, grinding tools, etc., and remove the washing. Rinse the surface with clean water.
  5. The surface of stainless steel has rainbow pattern, which is caused by excessive use of detergent or oil. It can be removed with warm water detergent. The rust caused by dirt on stainless steel surface can be cleaned with nitric acid or grinding detergent. Special washing can also be used. Drug washing.
  6. Carelessly scratching when handling goods, it will rust, wash with a neutral detergent, wipe with gauze and stainless steel oil, wipe the oil with gauze after a quarter of an hour, wipe the hand and touch the trace can.

Only because we can properly maintain and maintain, can you decorate your elevator to extend its service life and keep it clean, bright and gorgeous. Marble is also the main material for elevator decoration. Mainly used for the car and the car wall, it is also the most vulnerable part of the elevator. The maintenance of marble is mainly cleaning and protection. The daily maintenance and treatment of marble is simple, no special tools are required, our professional after-sales maintenance team, and special cleaning and protection agent can clean and protect the ground and improve the brightness. Proper maintenance can extend the life of the marble and keep it bright and new for a long time.

The above is how to maintain the relevant knowledge of different materials for Chinese household elevators, I hope to help everyone. When using a practical home elevator, you should pay attention to it in many ways.

How To Maintain The China Home Elevators

Chinese home elevators need to be maintained and maintained on a regular basis. Before the maintenance and maintenance process, it is necessary to understand the relevant requirements. So what are the requirements for the maintenance and maintenance of the home elevator? Next, let the professional China Home Elevators manufacturer – otse elevator to talk about specific knowledge.

Household elevators do not require mandatory acceptance, but the time interval for full inspection of home elevators should not exceed 12 months, especially regarding the validity of the following items;

  1. a) door lock device (for hand-drawn door)
  2. b) electrical safety devices;
  3. c) grounding continuity;
  4. d) support and suspension systems;
  5. e) drive and brakes;
  6. f) devices that prevent free fall and overspeed drops, such as speed limiters and safety gears;
  7. g) alarm system;
  8. h) door protection devices (eg safety touch panels and light curtains);
  9. i) inspection of the inner surface of the hoistway (eg distance, surface and sharp edges);
  10. j) guide rails and guide shoes;
  11. k) lighting and emergency lighting;
  12. l) emergency operating device;
  13. m) All logos.

Maintenance of Chinese home elevators

  1. a) Routine maintenance is to observe, inspect and simply test the equipment and its operating conditions through the eyes, ears, nose, hands and body of the maintenance personnel. Identify and resolve problems in a timely manner. Routine maintenance is usually carried out in two weeks.
  2. b) Regular maintenance is to ensure that the inspected parts meet the necessary standards by thoroughly inspecting, repairing, replacing, and adjusting certain parts of the equipment in operation to fundamentally guarantee the intrinsic quality of the equipment. Regular maintenance is usually done once a month.

The above is the knowledge of the maintenance and maintenance requirements of the home elevator, I hope to help everyone. Home elevators need to be maintained and maintained on a regular basis. If there is a need, you can know in advance. We welcome your comments and inquiries.

How To Choose A Safe China Home Elevators

In recent years, more and more villa families have begun to consider installing elevators to facilitate the up and down the building and to take care of the safety of the elderly and children. Different from ordinary commercial elevators, China Home Elevators have unique requirements in elevator safety and design. However, the current home elevator brands on the market are complicated, and consumers often have difficulty making choices when purchasing. In fact, good quality Chinese home elevators have the following advantages. And in many Chinese home elevator brands, how do you choose as a customer?

Reliable product quality

Buying a Chinese home elevator is a top priority for consumers. If the quality of the elevator is not good, the price can’t be purchased even cheaply, because it is to plug it.

High cost performance for home elevator products

Although most of the villas are rich and wealthy, don’t think they will pay attention to the price/performance ratio of Chinese home elevators. In fact, regardless of the identity and status of consumers, when buying Chinese home elevators, the price/performance ratio is something they will definitely look into.

There is plenty of room to choose from

If the elevators installed in the villas are the same, it obviously cannot meet the individual needs of consumers. Home elevators are designed with a strong emphasis on customization. Different types of decor options not only enhance the experience, but also reflect the user’s personal aesthetic. When providing customers with Chinese home elevators, otse elevator company can not only be designed for private home users, but also provides a variety of acrylic materials, stainless steel frame, sprayed steel and other texture materials, consumers can choose freely according to their own preferences. This allows each family’s villa elevator to have its own personality, no longer monotonous.

Easy installation of home elevator

China’s home elevators do not need a separate computer room to support operations. They only need to install rails on the wall, which greatly saves the space of the villa and lays a solid foundation for elevator installation. Otse Elevator Company has experienced and responsible installation masters, on call, thoughtful and enthusiastic, this is undoubtedly a true gospel for consumers who buy elevators in the country.

Reliable service

Family elevators are considered to be personalized, and after-sales maintenance is also very important. The normal operation of China’s home elevators is also inextricably linked to the precise maintenance services. After the consumer purchases the Chinese home elevator of otse elevator company, there is no need to worry about this problem. The service network of otse elevator company covers the whole world, with professional service attitude, think of customers, establish a sound service network, wait 24 hours a day, at any time. Provide consulting services to customers anywhere. In addition, professionals will also check on time to eliminate safety hazards, making it safer and more convenient to use, without any worries.

It seems that the Chinese home elevators launched by otse elevators are very outstanding in all aspects and can be trusted by consumers. When you buy a luxury home and want to match it to a suitable Chinese home elevator, choose otse elevator company. The brand’s Chinese home elevators are designed, installed and used in one go, meeting the national quality standards and meeting the consumer’s psychological expectations. In the current Chinese home elevator market, otse elevator company is leading the way, through its unremitting efforts to meet the deep-seated needs of consumers.

How To Repair The China Home Elevators

China Home Elevators have had some problems for a long time, so they need to be repaired. Maintenance methods need to pay attention, then how to repair the Chinese home elevator? Next, otse elevator company will come to introduce you to the specific knowledge of this aspect.

Routine maintenance of the Chinese home elevator control panel is to be done, and the correctness of the work is checked under the condition that the elevator traction machine is powered off. Use a soft brush or a hair dryer to remove the ash from the printed board and its plug-ins and all electronic components, check the status of the electromagnetic switch contacts, the contact situation, the insulation of the coil appearance, and the reliability of the mechanical interlocking action; The place where the contactor and relay contacts are ablated is treated with a fine abrasive cloth and wiped clean. Check, verify and adjust the contacts to have a certain clearance, good contact, proper pressure and proper clearance; when the traction motor is overloaded for a long time, the thermal relay may act and will cut off Motor power supply. At this time, the thermal relay needs to be manually reset.

The hall door and the car door of the Chinese home elevator are prone to problems. What needs to be done is to refuel the fueling place on the upper shelf and keep it well lubricated. The elevator will not make an unpleasant in the operation and opening of the door. sound. China’s household elevator door switching frequency is relatively large, the switch line is easy to damage, this is a need to check frequently, and found a safety hazard, must pay attention to replace as soon as possible.

China’s home elevator repair and maintenance work should be highly valued by domestic households. Frequent cleaning and inspection, lubrication, etc. are required. Doing a routine maintenance can reduce the failure of China’s home elevators, and users are more assured of using them. At the same time, it can also extend the use time of Chinese home elevators and reduce the maintenance expenses of users.

The regular maintenance time of Chinese household elevators is once a month. It is necessary for maintenance professionals to inspect, repair and replace the equipment parts in the elevator operation through professional equipment to ensure the safe operation of the elevators; the routine maintenance period is usually two. Week, the process is generally relatively simple, maintenance professionals need to observe, inspect, test, etc. the elevator equipment through their senses.

The above is to introduce you to the relevant knowledge about the maintenance methods of Chinese household elevators, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about the information, please pay attention to our official website, and welcome to leave a message.

China Home Elevators Related Details

China Home Elevators will first consider the price when purchasing. How much will it usually cost when buying in normal times? Then follow the professional elevator expert – otse to get a detailed understanding of the details of the Chinese home elevator.

The total cost of installing a Chinese home elevator includes a combination of equipment costs, civil construction fees, and installation fees. When customizing a home elevator, the civil construction fee and the installation fee are also a cost that cannot be ignored (especially for some brands. After changing the commercial elevator to a home elevator, the pit and top size requirements are large, which may cause additional renovation costs. ).

In general, traction and hydraulic installation and civil construction costs account for about 15-25% of the total cost.

According to different grades, different configurations, different performances, imports and domestic production, the price difference of Chinese household elevators will be very obvious. The approximate price of different grades of home elevators can be referred to the following range.

Property appreciation
The installation of Chinese home elevators in the homes enhances the quality of home life and also brings value to the assets. When a real estate transaction occurs, homes with elevators are more attractive to potential buyers and stand out from the competition.

Pension and living
Home elevators can facilitate the lives of the elderly and children. Older families may have inconvenient legs and feet, and elevators are more convenient for them to move at home. At the same time, high-quality Chinese home elevators can also become a beautiful landscape, improve the quality and aesthetics of the decoration, break the original single pattern of the villa, and make the originally fixed upstairs and downstairs space smart.

Safe and reliable
All elevators must undergo strict inspection by the manufacturer before they are used in the factory. In particular, our otse elevators will perform pre-assembly inspection of the car before leaving the factory. Whether for commercial use, safety is a must for elevators.

The above is to introduce you to the relevant knowledge about the price of Chinese home elevators, I hope to help everyone. In the process of purchasing, it is necessary to pay attention in time.

How To Choose A Cost-effective China Home Elevators

When purchasing a  China Home Elevators, as with others, it is also necessary to choose a high performance, then the selection method is very important, then how to choose a high-performance Chinese home elevator? Next, the otse elevator manufacturer will give you specific information and knowledge.

Whether it can provide a complete service, but in any case, the elevator as a special equipment is a special “commodity”, and the safety of the elevator is affected by many aspects. First, the elevator manufacturer must ensure the quality of its products. Just like the elevator itself has been practicing the product concept of “excellent quality and continuous improvement”; secondly, it pays attention to the level of installation and commissioning, which requires the continuity of after-sales service, and requires manufacturers to pay sufficient attention to product after-sales service. Need a professional maintenance team, can be on call 24 hours a day, which is enough to ensure the company’s quick response time; finally need to maintain and manage the reasonable and timely, which requires a certain level of professional knowledge and responsibility, of course, manufacturers technical support.

Is it possible to install the elevator as required? There is an old saying in the elevator industry: three-point product, seven-point installation. There are many problems in the elevator, which are directly related to the installation quality and post-maintenance. In particular, the installation quality has hidden dangers, and it is difficult to adjust it later. It is more difficult to maintain and adjust later. Therefore, whether it is possible to carry out strict process installation according to the manufacturer’s requirements is also a detail of the elevator brand to improve the safety performance of the elevator.

It is a wise choice to choose an elevator brand with superior cost performance. The so-called cost-effective advantage means that the brand is a brand worthy of praise, whether it is from the price or the popularity of the market and word of mouth. Only by ensuring cost-effectiveness can we ensure comprehensive quality.

The above is the relevant content of the high-performance Chinese home elevator selection method introduced for everyone. It is necessary to pay attention when purchasing the Chinese home elevator.

China Home Elevators Electrical Control System Should Pay Attention To

China Home Elevators have electrical control systems, so the performance of China’s home elevator electrical control system needs to be paid attention to, so what about the performance of China’s home elevator electrical control system? Next, the otse elevator will give you a relevant introduction.

  1. When the performance of two parallel-operated elevators is two parallel elevators for parallel control operation, the single units are mostly collective control. The performance of the elevators in this control mode is as follows:

(1) Both E and E elevators are put into parallel operation under normal operation and automatic (no driver) operation.

(2) The performance in parallel state is: 1) When two elevators return to the base station to shut down, the first callback will return to the base station’s ladder to respond. If there is no internal or external command signal, only one return base station is on standby, and the other station is on standby. When an external signal occurs, the elevator responds. 2) During the upward movement of the ladder, the ladder will respond when the upper call signal appears below it. 3) When the base station is on standby, the E-slave returns to the base station and responds to the outward call signal. The uplink call signal and the external call signal above the E-ladder respond. 4) Whether the external calling signal outside the above situation is responsive, the designer confirms and sets according to the number of landings and the time principle.

  1. The performance of group-controlled elevators is similar to that of buses. In addition to the performance of parallel elevators, it also has the ability to adjust the elevator time according to the traffic volume to ensure passengers wait for the boarding time reasonably.

Third, the performance that can be selected by users With the development of society, the improvement of people’s cultural quality, the development of elevator industry and technological progress, manufacturers meet the requirements of different users and different use occasions, often based on various standard elevator performance. , providing partial optional performance. Such as: fire, anti-tampering, independent services, power outage emergency, car order misregistration and other functions to meet the needs of various types of elevator users.

  1. Fire function (1) Once the fire control signal is received by the control system of the elevator: 1) Immediately stop at the time of the uplink, but immediately return to the base station to open the door without opening the door. 2) When going down, the direct base station stops to open the door. 3) The elevator that stops at the door outside the base station immediately closes the door and returns to the base station to stop the door. 4) The elevator at the base station is closed and the door is opened immediately. After returning to the base station or after the base station is opened, the elevator is in a fire working state. In the fire working state, the external calling command signal is invalid, the elevator is closed and the starting operation is ready to go to the landing, and the firefighter controls the operation.
  2. Anti-scrambling function For the elevator with weighing device, the relationship between the detection result of the weighing device and the value of the main signal of the floor registered in the car is used. When the two are seriously out of balance, the main signal registered in the car is automatically eliminated to prevent the elevator from making Invalid operation.
  3. Independent service function Elevator management personnel or elevator drivers realize special special operation services by operating switches or buttons in the cassette below the control box.
  4. When the elevator with power failure emergency function is in operation, when the elevator encounters a sudden power failure, it is connected to the elevator of the adjacent floor by the additional power failure emergency rescue device and the weighing device of the elevator, and the passenger elevator is opened to release the passenger elevator. Personnel to prevent the elevator from being closed due to power outages.
  5. In the car, the error registration cancellation function enables the manufacturer to change the software design of the elevator operation management microcomputer, and realizes that the erroneous registration master signal occupant repeatedly presses the erroneous registration command button to eliminate the misregistered internal command signal. With the development of society and the continuous advancement of science and technology, manufacturers are offering more and more optional functions for users. Users can negotiate with the manufacturer to solve the problem according to the needs, the general manufacturers can try their best to meet.

The above is the relevant content of the performance of the Chinese home elevator electrical control system introduced for you. You can make some reference before installing the Chinese home elevator.

The Price Characteristics Of China Home Elevators

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the gradual improvement of the technology level, many friends will definitely encounter a problem when they are preparing to purchase villa elevators and home elevators. They ask many elevator sales units, including elevators, factories and elevators. Sales companies, the quotes they give are different. So today otse elevator experts will take you to understand!

There are many price grades here, ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 yuan, and there are also 70,000 yuan, and there are also more than 100,000 yuan and hundreds of thousands of yuan. After the rapid development of home elevators and villa elevators in recent years, its technology and industry are constantly improving. The cost of production is also constantly decreasing. Purchasing villa elevators and home elevators are basically the same as buying a car for our family.

For example, we said that the 20,000 to 30,000 yuan villa home elevator, its grade is basically the same as the Chery QQ in our life, which is the most basic in terms of production process, design and safety.

Home elevators within 100,000 yuan. Basically, the brands of Jianghuai and Chang’an in our reality are completely domestically produced. The technology and crafts are not better, not so advanced.

Household villa elevators ranging from 100,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan are basically joint venture brands such as Shanghai Volkswagen. The design and production process is better than domestic ones. The main difference in price differentiation lies in the difference in decoration and power consumption. For the home villa elevator, the biggest price difference is the difference between its configuration, door opening method and elevator decoration.

At present, the most mature structure of domestic elevators belongs to the structure of the traction gantry. This structure is very safe and stable. At present, the elevators of our high-rise buildings in China use such elevator structures, and they can be fully applied to all. Villa elevators, as well as the needs of home elevators.

Finally, let’s summarize it for everyone. The villa elevator with the gantry structure is very suitable for most villas. If you want to make the luxury of the villa elevator, it is recommended that you spend more money on decoration, there is no need to buy, so-called imported screw elevator. We are a professional China Home Elevators design and manufacturer. If you have elevator requirements, don’t miss otse, we will bring you satisfactory and high quality products.