China Home Elevators Related Details

China Home Elevators will first consider the price when purchasing. How much will it usually cost when buying in normal times? Then follow the professional elevator expert – otse to get a detailed understanding of the details of the Chinese home elevator.

The total cost of installing a Chinese home elevator includes a combination of equipment costs, civil construction fees, and installation fees. When customizing a home elevator, the civil construction fee and the installation fee are also a cost that cannot be ignored (especially for some brands. After changing the commercial elevator to a home elevator, the pit and top size requirements are large, which may cause additional renovation costs. ).

In general, traction and hydraulic installation and civil construction costs account for about 15-25% of the total cost.

According to different grades, different configurations, different performances, imports and domestic production, the price difference of Chinese household elevators will be very obvious. The approximate price of different grades of home elevators can be referred to the following range.

Property appreciation
The installation of Chinese home elevators in the homes enhances the quality of home life and also brings value to the assets. When a real estate transaction occurs, homes with elevators are more attractive to potential buyers and stand out from the competition.

Pension and living
Home elevators can facilitate the lives of the elderly and children. Older families may have inconvenient legs and feet, and elevators are more convenient for them to move at home. At the same time, high-quality Chinese home elevators can also become a beautiful landscape, improve the quality and aesthetics of the decoration, break the original single pattern of the villa, and make the originally fixed upstairs and downstairs space smart.

Safe and reliable
All elevators must undergo strict inspection by the manufacturer before they are used in the factory. In particular, our otse elevators will perform pre-assembly inspection of the car before leaving the factory. Whether for commercial use, safety is a must for elevators.

The above is to introduce you to the relevant knowledge about the price of Chinese home elevators, I hope to help everyone. In the process of purchasing, it is necessary to pay attention in time.

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