Why it is Important to Get a Tree Survey Before thinking of Grounds Restructuring

It would not be an exaggeration to say, that our lives completely depend on trees. Whether it is food or air, it is not possible for the earth to sustain life if there were no trees. Trees are beautiful, they provide us with so many benefits and just not that, they can also increase a property’s value.

Before you start with any construction work on a properly, the site needs to be properly prepared. Ground restructuring is a complex task involving heavy equipment and it can only really get going after a comprehensive survey by a landscaping company.

There could be huge rocks that need to be removed, the ground will need to be levelled and trees removed. However, it’s not a wise move to just move in and cut down trees willy nilly.

Tree Surveys for Welfare of Trees and Buildings

The tree surveys are for people looking to restructure property which has trees. Tree surveys aren’t only looking out for the welfare of trees, but to ensure that older trees aren’t presenting a hazard to people and buildings. Some trees left unchecked can actually damage buildings.

A tree survey will include then both the safety and legal implication of trees that pose a danger, deciding on the appropriate course of action for the trees. The arborist will collect adequate information on the trees and give a report back.

Landowners need to check with their local officials because there are a number of rules regarding trees. While some regulations might permit you to cut trees down, some regulations require you to leave the trees, as they are of a certain value. It is far better to hire the services of a reputable landscaping company. Visit Idverde and discover the procedures with trees. Even tree felling, for instance, needs to be justified by certain criteria.

Trees of Historical – and Cultural Value

Tree surveying isn’t the landowner’s duty – it requires specialist training and certification. It is better to hire professional tree services teams who offer arboriculture services and who can provide surveying services

Tree surveys are important if you’re restructuring ground because certain trees are protected by law. There are trees of historical- or cultural value for instance, and a landscaping company has records of these trees. There are also trees of ecological value which can’t just be removed because the tree supports local wildlife species which are themselves possibly regarded as being of ecological importance.

Preparation of building sites are controlled by the likes of National Building Regulations, so the right procedures have to be followed.

You’ve got a Legal Duty Towards Trees

Landowners with trees on the land they want restructured have a legal duty to ensure the safety of the trees. A tree survey is an ideal way to get objective information about trees on the land according to their species, health and age. With this information, a reputable team can know precisely how to manage the trees appropriately.

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