Excited and enthused

If you are in TVI, you know that only sponsoring two individuals can do that for you.”Do you know two people?” In TVI those two people actually do qualify you for a $10,000..
This knowledge has opened up the realization that there are also MANY other FREE ways to get those leads.

TVI is turning heads in the MLM industry by generating 3 million dollars in sales their first month and 3 million dollars in sales in their sixth month.

TVI is simple enough for someone brand new on the internet and yet it still lights the fires of extreme possibilities in the experienced internet marketer.

For a full explanation of the pay plan, you really should watch their video..Ya gotta love the internet!

First off if you are looking to do business online TVI has designed their program specifically for the internet as their primary mode of operating.

Now don’t go rolling your eyes around in your head just yet, stay with me here. Hertz, Travelocity.
BUT Lamination Glue Manufacturers
The Rock Stars in this company have leads to talk to every day!

If you have leads to talk to every day, this business is TOO easy!

It has been surprising to me to find out how easy and profitable facebook has become for so many as a free source of business leads. I mean what other company offers to GIVE you(that means you get to keep it)as a bonusyour own private jet?

Yea, you gotta earn it, but still it actually gave me a bit of a thrill just to think that by meeting the qualifications it can happen!

Another thing that is very smart that they do is ask the simple question. Then, when you come off the express board you get $10,000 smackers! And there is no boundary to how many times you rotate through. It really is the easiest way to know what the travel board and the express board are and how they work.00 payout.

Let me give you an example of some of the changes in the company structure. It is just fun to watch, and it is organized in a very unique way.

Discount travel memberships are what TVI markets through independent distributors..

But what would come about if you sponsored just TWO MORE?

Luckily you can just pull the next phone number from your LIST of people who contacted you, asking for information!

OoopsNo list?

I want you to make an insane amount of money with TVI, as many others are right now.

Excited and enthused most people who join an MLM opportunity are able to accomplish this much in their companies comp plan, but very few progress much further than that and quit. However, if you don’t have a list of people who have contacted you, wanting to know more about you and your opportunity, the chances are excellent that you will do no more with TVI than use your discounts for travel. They have done this because they have been global in scope and operation from day one.

This debt free company that has teamed up with the big boys in travel and has changed some of the ground rules a bit.

The $250 – one time membership fee gives you life time discounts on dozens of well known names in the travel industry..

Basically, your fist target in progress is shown by moving from the Travel Board to the starting place of the Express Board. The added benefit of this membership is that of being able to participate, for life, in their income opportunity with no additional monthly fees. It may just so happen that some of your friends and family will join you as you progress in TVI. Looking at their pay plan it is easy to see they are taking the average and allowing that to position you for extraordinary income potential and sending you a check to boot! The first thing that happens is you double your money when you come off the travel board and in an industry were 95% of people spend more money than they make, this is a pretty good start.
Now This Business is really exciting!

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