GMAT Preparation Tips – A Step to Pass an MBA Program of Your Choice

As what commonly many people know that when it comes to entering a Graduate program, for example to the United States, you will be asked to submit a standardized test result. It could be GMAT, GRE, LSAT, or the like.

Each type of admission test has a different purpose. GRE is generally used for engineering and science programs. But the GMAT is usually for business programs; and LSAT for law school. So, if you want to enter an MBA program, you should take GMAT instead of GRE test.

How to Prepare for GMAT Test

1. Have Some Practices to Answer the Sample GMAT Questions

The GMAT exam emphasizes the accuracy and the speed in answering the questions. So, take some practices on how to use the time wisely in answering every GMAT question. Averagely, you would have about 1 and 3/4 minutes or about 105 seconds to execute every verbal question, 2 minutes for every quantitative question, and about 2.5 minutes for an integrated reasoning answer. When you will start the GMAT test, the timing will be displayed on the screen and you can know the rest of your time to work on the questions.

2. Have GMAT Prep eBook and Videos

You can find many resources that provide GMAT Prep eBook and videos. These will guide you on the GMAT preparation while following the tutorials for the practices. GMAT prep eBooks usually provide the answer keys and break down how to get the answers.

3. Read the Rules for Answering GMAT Questions Carefully

The rules or instructions on a GMAT exam will explain what things you will use to answer the GMAT issues. If you read the instructions in a hurry, you will lose some important clues and will make your score less than what you expect. Use the HELP key if you need some instructions.

4. Read Each Question Carefully

In practicing to solve the GMAT’s sample questions, pay attention to what the question asks you to solve. Never just reading at a glance at each question. Read every question thoroughly from the beginning of to the end.

5. Don’t Spen Too Much Time on a Single Question

If you don’t really know the right answer for a question or how to solve an issue on a question example, try to skip answering it. Otherwise, it would take a lot of time because you doubt that your answer is wrong. This trick will make it possible for you to go to all questions for you to try to answer. Choose the best right answer when you are pretty sure it’s the right one. Then, move the next question quickly.

6. Make Sure Your Answer is Right before Confirming

On a verbal and quantitative of a GMAT test, you need to click the confirm button on the system in submitting your answer. So, make sure your answer is the right one because you cannot go back to change your answer.

Finally, most beginners would find themselves in a stressful situation when facing the real GMAT exam. But if you prepare yourself for a GMAT exam, most likely you will be more relaxed and you can think effectively and accurately in answering all of the questions.

Why Should You Choose GMAT Test?

After learning the difference between GRE and GMAT, you must be knowing What GMAT is. If you really want to continue your education in a study program other than business and management majors, you should choose GRE. But if you will continue your education to a business school, you can choose GRE or GMAT. But most of the business schools require GMAT score.

Joining a business school might be your primary choice. But you’re not really good at math. So, you should choose GRE to easily get a high score. But the English in GRE is more complicated than GMAT. Your vocabulary must be good if you want to choose GRE.

But if you want to enter a business school but not very good at English, you can choose GMAT. It’s said that English used in GMAT is not as complicated as GRE. But if you choose GMAT your grammar must be good. Remember, your mathematical skills must be strong as well.

Briefly, both GRE and GMAT have its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose both of them according to your needs and abilities.

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