Guide to immigrate to Canada from Saudi Arabia @ResettlementSolution

Canada PR VISA

Every year thousands of immigrants apply for a permanent residency visa for Canada. As a country, it is close to the United States of America and gives you the best level of education, healthcare and employment opportunities. Saudi Arabia has witnessed a steady growth of applicants interested to migrate to Canada. With its fast economic growth and in search of better career prospects, many aspirants have started applying for Canada immigration Saudi Arabia in recent years.

Canada has also been open to immigrants and has charted out its plan from immigration in future. In 2015, express entry system was introduced which streamlined the whole immigration process. Since then the invitations issued to immigration applicants has gone up every year. Canada expects its economic growth in future would be driven by immigrants, hence, lays special emphasis on its various immigration schemes.

  1. Canada immigration is administered by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which has allocated a points system called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. If you are young, highly qualified, possess qualitative work experience and a decent language proficiency test score you will have a high CRS score. A score in the range of 400 to 450 increases your chances of getting an invitation from Canadian immigration authorities.
  2. You have the option to apply for provincial nominee program in some of the Canadian provinces or apply under the Express Entry system. In some cases, provincial nominee program invites candidates with lower CRS score.
  3. Canadian provinces invite entrepreneurs and businessmen to apply for business visas as well as a skilled professional whose visa can be sponsored by a Canadian employer. Canadian provinces introduce immigration programs as per their domestic job market demands.
  4. After applying for immigration an applicant gets an invite from Canadian immigration authorities. You have 60 days to complete your profile on the online portal.
  5. During the application, the process makes sure not to conceal any information regarding your candidature. You would be asked to provide supporting documents related to your personal details, educational qualification, professional experience and countries you have stayed in the past.
  6. All your travel history must be disclosed and backed up with certified copies of travel documents. You would be asked to produce a police clearance certificate from the country of origin or residence.
  7. You are required to pay the application fee and wait for the final decision of the immigration authorities.
  8. If any discrepancy is found in your application or supporting documents then you could be asked for a Letter of Explanation (LoE) detailing all the information regarding the issue raised by the immigration department.

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Simplifying migration to Australia

A lot of people from across the globe choose Australia as a country where they would like to migrate. Saudi Arabia is no exception from where a lot of expatriates and young professionals aspire to migration to Australia every year. While immigration is a lengthy process and can take months to get a final decision from the immigration authority of the respective country. But with proper documentation and timely submission of application and supporting papers would see you sail through the migration process.

Migration to Australia can be explained in four steps:

1. Choose a visa to apply: You could be a skilled professional with your qualification being in high demand or you could be a go getter who could reach out to prospective employers in Australia who would sponsor your employment.

A. You could apply under subclass 186 visa if your employer is Australia based and sponsoring you.

B. Visa subclass 190 applies to selected professions if you get a nomination from the state government.

C. If you have neither a sponsor nor a nomination then you can apply as an individual under visa subclass 189.

2. The visa application process starts with an applicant submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Australian immigration authorities. It is more like a sales pitch for your profile to the Department of Home Affairs as you are taking the first step for Australian P.R. visa.

To improve your chances of acceptance, you can explain your qualifications and professional credentials. As applicants with at least 60 points become eligible for Australian PR visa, therefore, add more education qualification in your resume or take exciting projects in your current job profile before you start your application process.

As English language proficiency is one of the important criteria to get Australian visa. An applicant is advised to try and score high in language proficiency tests. Get more details on 

Best Australian PR Visa consultants in kuwait, qatar & saudi arabia

Resettlement Solution
Resettlement Solution

With a proven track record of over a decade, Resettlement Solution is the best permanent residency visa consultant for Australia. If you see Australia as your career destination and wish to immigrate then we have the best immigration solution for you.  As a MARA registered immigration agent, we work closely with Australia immigration authorities and stay updated with the immigration process. From profile assessment using the Australian immigration point calculator to the final approval of your visa our team supports and guides each of our clients. Over the years, thousands of clients have benefitted with our services and are successfully residing on their Australia PR visa. As each client is unique so is their profile, we make it a point to assess and strategise the application process. We offer services to professionals from diverse career fields and maintain transparency throughout the application process.

Many students aspire to study in Australia as well and we facilitate student visa to Australia. We offer services including documentation and the complete application process.

Our team comprises of experienced immigration attorneys and counsellors working in the Australian immigration industry. We have our branches in India, Middle East and Australia. To reach out to our immigration team, please visit us at:

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