Simplifying migration to Australia

A lot of people from across the globe choose Australia as a country where they would like to migrate. Saudi Arabia is no exception from where a lot of expatriates and young professionals aspire to migration to Australia every year. While immigration is a lengthy process and can take months to get a final decision from the immigration authority of the respective country. But with proper documentation and timely submission of application and supporting papers would see you sail through the migration process.

Migration to Australia can be explained in four steps:

1. Choose a visa to apply: You could be a skilled professional with your qualification being in high demand or you could be a go getter who could reach out to prospective employers in Australia who would sponsor your employment.

A. You could apply under subclass 186 visa if your employer is Australia based and sponsoring you.

B. Visa subclass 190 applies to selected professions if you get a nomination from the state government.

C. If you have neither a sponsor nor a nomination then you can apply as an individual under visa subclass 189.

2. The visa application process starts with an applicant submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Australian immigration authorities. It is more like a sales pitch for your profile to the Department of Home Affairs as you are taking the first step for Australian P.R. visa.

To improve your chances of acceptance, you can explain your qualifications and professional credentials. As applicants with at least 60 points become eligible for Australian PR visa, therefore, add more education qualification in your resume or take exciting projects in your current job profile before you start your application process.

As English language proficiency is one of the important criteria to get Australian visa. An applicant is advised to try and score high in language proficiency tests. Get more details on 

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