There are possibly many reasons

Only then, can you identify and destroy the blockages that exists within. How do we know we are suffering from energy impedance? The blockage symptoms include being stuck and unable to move forward beyond a certain point, no matter how much we try. Commit a time to balance that checkbook. Why? I found that my blockage was this inherent feeling that I did not feel that I deserve to earn more. I had that idea because I kept thinking that I am not as capable or talented as my peers. I was happy with my job, except for the pay and have often thought about seeking a better paying job or starting my own business. You do not need to share them with me or anyone but you must be honest to yourself and answer truthfully:1) What areas of my financial situation make me feel uncomfortable?

There are possibly many reasons. I found that resolving disorganization is easy once you set your mind to devote a definite amount of time each day to the required tasks. I discovered that poor self-worth was the blockage that was holding everything back!Resolution 1: In order to clear the blockage, I worked on changing my belief that I did not deserve to earn more money. Like a clogged up drain (hey, did you read my blog post on that?) where no or little water can flow through, so is it with energy. I worked at some intensive self-esteem exercises to learn how to value my contribuitions to the world.. I never seem to have enough but I knew that the situation would be better if I just could organize or manage it better!Resolution 2: Perhaps you are like me, but not necessarily with your finances but in other areas like your time management. You know yourself and must ask what situations are those that you usually try to avoid or even think about – these are the areas most likely where blockages happen. And to do that, you need to answer three questions.When you do this on a consistent basis, you will notice that energy (in the form of money, as well as other qualities) will flow through your life much more easily and you will now be able to use the Law of Attraction in a much more conscious way.Your situation might be completely different from mine, but you can follow the same steps to clear blockages in your life. To summarize, here are the 3 questions again:1) Figure out what makes you most uncomfortable.

In the first part of this article, I had talked about how energy blockages can be a big hindrance to our quest for more financial resources. Take time to consider all these carefully and once you’ve discovered correlations between your financial abundance and the other areas of your life, ask yourself:3) How can I increase the flow of energy to these areas?This is the most crucial question Color Plate Suppliers and you most definitely want to spend more time in deep thought about this because everyone will have a different answer. 3) Take action to dissolve the blockages.

And as you continue at purging away the blockages by getting better organized, you will notice clearly that there is a greater and easier flow of energy (and money) into and through your life. And also when we start to find that despite repeating prosperity affirmations and visualization exercises, we just get frustrated because it does not seem to work!You must acknowledge that blockages exists within you. But I kept holding back. Financial abundance or lack usually reveals identical abundance or lack in other areas of your life. But we must understand that money problems are NOT just about money! Money is like a mirror for our passions, love, purpose, joy or courage or any other qualities that you may desire but lack.Blockage 2: Now if you know me, you will know that I am one big messed up guy as far as financial records are concerned.Let’s look at a couple of examples:Blockage 1: What made me most uncomfortable about my financial situation was that I did not earn enough money. All these takes time and effort but you will see results. Make a date with yourself to clean the wardrobe. Or perhaps you can never seem to get your house in order – everything is so cluttered that you have difficulty locating what you need. My checkbook has never been balanced and I always am late paying my credit card bills and end up paying late fee fines (the banks love me) and all these created a major financial drain on my financial resources. Pay attention to these areas to destroy the blockages.

Blockage or hindrance can often be traced to an unresolved situation, a lack of belief or even bad habits that do not help at all. Ok, it is not a bad paying job but when compared to my peers, I was definitely earning much less.In order to clear the clog, you need to turn your attention upon it and take action to remove it. And through encouragement of my better half, I build up the courage to move towards something better. Look at your job, your health, your relationships, your self-esteem (and anything else you can think of), and see if you have blockages there too. Some face mounting debts that they do not know how to handle; others just do not earn enough, while some face difficulty managing their finances well.Once you are clear what aspects of your financial situation that makes you feel most uncomfortable, ask yourself:2) Do these situations tell me more about the rest of my life?More often than not, money, or the lack of it is the case of problems in our life. It is useless trying to use the Law of Attraction to attract more money if we do not take the first step of clearing away the blockages that prevent from manifesting it in our lives. 2) Identify correlations with the other areas of your life. When something is blocked, it is usually the result of stagnation or neglect – and this obstructs the flow of energy.

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