Catering is a business

Each wait staff person will have one to four tables to handle, their job being to get each course out to all of their diners in at the same time. Programs such as Iron Chef and the multitude of cooking programs on TV in recent years have contributed to the growth of this Operating Room Stainless Steel Products Manufacturers industry.Chefs have the starring role on the catering line. A public increasingly well aware of health benefits from unprocessed foods and interested in well prepared meals has also been a factor. As it stands now, catering is a six billion a year industry. You may have to handle meats as well as vegetables and pastas. This is of course making sure that the food gets out to the tables. Food preparation workers make salads and soups a lot of times as well as the chef is busy preparing the entre. This included cooking and presentation.

Catering is a business going through a growth spurt. They are responsible for ensuring that all food is prepared and sent out on time.With this type of revenue and growth the opportunities are there for someone, no matter your age or range of experience, to find a job (be it part time or full time) with one of these specialized companies. The chef will tend to be the owner’s right hand man (or woman); sometimes the chef and owner are one and the same. A chef will usually have assistants to whom he or she can delegate tasks. If one is a stay at home mom or a student then a position with a catering company could be for them. If they need ten onions chopped then it is your duty to make sure they are chopped and ready for when he needs them.

The industry is not easy and the turn over rate high, ensuring open positions including cooks, bartenders, chefs, wait staff and food preparation as well as dishwashers.In the catering industry, wait staff have one and only one function.Food preparation is probably one of the most daunting of positions. The chef handles menu planning and ingredient purchasing, along with staffing decisions regarding his assistants. Being quick is essential, as is having some class and courtesy; a catering job is not quite the same thing as working at your corner greasy spoon. In the catering field a dishwasher is usually the bus boy (picks up the plates). It is your job to make sure the cooks have the ingredients they need when they need them. It means a lot of chopping, cutting, slicing and packaging.Generally, a dishwasher is what it is. You wash dishes. It is the responsibility of the dishwasher to not only pick up the dishes and clean them but to clean up the individual stations as well as remove trash and any food waste making note of non-eaten portions for proper calculations of demand.

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