Meme is an element of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation, image, video, piece of text etc. typically humorous in nature and spread rapidly through internet users. It’s an idea or a style conveyed to pass on a theme or a message represented by meme.

Don’t worry about the pressure or the responsibility have fun be active and enjoy the Gem of life, though you are growing but don’t let thathappy child die in you keep it alive in you by enjoying cheer up memes and share it with your close ones and friends to lift up their mood.

At certain times we all have to do those thing s which we generally hate and drown ourselves in the world of sorrow and loneliness, save yourself and swim in the lake of giggles, laughs and happiness with your friends

Oh God these Monday blues are so irritating but wait there are funny Cheer Up Memes to save your day and mood too. In the moments of sorrow, we somewhere in our heart want somebody to be with us to make us laugh and giggle, make us realise all the good things happening around that fills us with confidence and positivity, cheer up memes, music, pizza chat with friends, jokes and hugs really makes the life worthwhile.

When one see its friend sad and ask about what happened he or she will respond, nothing but a good friend responsibility is to cheer up its friends. Here is the list of hilarious funny and witty cheer up memes’ that will definitely work.


  • Cheer up, its weekend.
  • When you are upset just Imagine a T-Rex making a bed.
  • Cheer up buddy, you are awesome.
  • Hey, I am here to make your day.
  • I care for you so smile and cheer up.


  • Yes, you can.
  • Stars can’t shine without darkness.
  • Believe you can and you’re half way there.
  • Life is short do stuff that matters.
  • Visualise the dream create the reality.


  • Sometimes we are taken into troubled waters not drown but to be cleansed.
  • Strive for progress, not perfection.
  • Be a god person and don’t waste time proving it.
  • I can, I will.
  • The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.

Funny, Inspirational and positive memes are food for mind and soul.


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