Windows ME and Windows XP Home Edition are lacking in support

Microsoft brought ASP to the world, and as such provides the platform – Windows – on which ASP generally works best. In order to play around with ASP scripts on your web pages, you’ll have to download and install onto your system an ASP server, like Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) or Microsoft’s Personal Web Server (PWS) — one or both of which is included with most Windows packages for no extra charge. If you use Windows on your machine and have never encountered IIS or PWS, chances are it’s because you have to “Add” the program to your hard drive using the Windows software CD-ROM or through your control panel, since it’s often not included as part of the “Basic Install”.

Incidentally, Windows ME and Windows XP Home Edition are lacking in support for ASP scripts. But we’re willing to bet the forthcoming Windows Vista probably does.

For those webmasters on a PC that isn’t Windows-based, all hope is not lost. Sun Microsystems China Electric Bicycles Factory has developed a program called Chili!Soft ASP that allows other servers — such as Red Hat, Apache, and Secure Server — and other operating systems — such as Linux, Solaris, and AIX — to support ASP hosting.

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