Best Ways to Boost Customer Engagement

Every business person knows that keeping a customer is much less expensive compared to finding a new one. That is why business and company owners are always looking for innovative and effective ways of engaging their customers. Customer relationships are incredibly vital to the success of a business and as such should top the list of a business owner’s concern. There are many ways that a company can use to source for means by which to improve their customer engagement.


Using the Best CRM

Customer Relationship Management is a system that functions by collecting client related data across different media and using this information to help service agents improve company to client interactions. For in-depth customization, it is wise that you consolidate your CRM system with all departments within the company. Research shows that majority of customers would be willing to pay more for a guaranteed positive experience. This knowledge justifies investing in a CRM system that ensures results. A comparison of zendesk vs salesforce will help you understand that customer satisfaction requires much more than tracking data related to them.



This is a company that was founded in 2007 whose primary products are helpdesk and ticketing software. ZenDesk products are not categorized as CRM systems even though they can be assimilated to other departments of a company. Their main selling point is that they have a pay-as-you-go policy and are considered cost friendly. There are duties of CRM systems that they are capable of performing; retrieving customer related data being the major one.


This is a CRM system that is considered one of the best, with a majority of companies using it reporting significant business results. Just like ZenDesk, Salesforce can be configured to connect with other departments in your company. The only difference is that unlike ZenDesk, Salesforce has a seamless communication throughout all the departments it is integrated into. It is impossible for your data to be lost as the system is always updating and synchronizing.


Salesforce provides you with a productive environment, prioritizing the clients and ensuring they have a positive experience by boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

An interesting feature with Salesforce has provisions for involving customers. Clients can contribute by offering suggestions on how to improve their experience to service agents.


The Advantages Salesforce has over ZenDesk

First and foremost, the obvious reason why you should choose Salesforce over ZenDesk is that it is a CRM system while the former is not. Even though helpdesk and ticketing software can function as a CRM, there are many more essential functions they cannot perform. Seamlessness in communication which is a vital feature is lacking in ZenDesk software, and this is a significant disadvantage.


Salesforce’s cloud is ZenDesk’s primary competition; this is because the former does everything that the latter was created to do. The fact that Service cloud is a feature within salesforce is reason enough to choose a CRM system over a non-CRM system.


Social Media

Social media platforms can be a perfect place to engage with customers. You need to create at least one page on all social media platforms where you interact with your clients. Socializing and connecting on a personal level with clients is always vital in making sure you keep them. You need to take care not to push a sales agenda on social media; your motive should appear to connect and socialize.


One sure way of engaging your followers is using humor that is tied to the service or product you provide to push your online campaign. Entertaining and sharing jokes with followers help them relate to you on a personal level.


When opportunities arise, use them to express your commitment always to serve and take care of your customers’ needs. This can be done by following up on requests aired online and making sure other followers get to know about it.

3 Ways Your Family Can Live Healthier And Happier

Many aspiring models endanger their health by trying to stay thin at the cost of doing what’s best for their bodies. In many cases, this isn’t intentional. They may want t live healthier lifestyles, but, like so many of us, they just don’t know where to get started. By looking at some basic lifestyle changes and how to implement them safely, you can live a healthier life and develop a better physique in the process.


What’s in Your Food?

One major concern in living a healthier life is cutting harmful foods out of your diet, which includes foods which may seem healthy, but contain harmful ingredients. Doctors urge switching to a plant-based diet that eliminates processed foods, sugar, and sodium. Additionally, processed meats, such as hot dogs, sausage, and bacon, should be avoided altogether.


When buying packaged foods is necessary, it’s important to take a close look at the labels. Most people just glance at the nutritional value chart, but, by also looking at the list of ingredients, you can get a better impression of the product. For instance, you might see carrageenan listed as an ingredient. Otherwise known as Irish Moss, this ingredient does much for the body. It’s fat, calorie, cholesterol, and sodium free, making it a good substitute in low-fat and low-sugar products. It’s this ingredient that helps “diet” foods taste as rich and flavorful as the high-fat, high-sugar products. Additionally, as a soluble fat, it helps to reduce LDL cholesterol.


Staying Active with All Ages

In addition to a proper diet, physical activity is important to living a healthier life and to being more physically fit. Even if you’re not usually active, doctors suggest getting at least thirty minutes of medium-intensity exercise each day. A lack of constant physical activity causes degeneration to occur more quickly in the body. Bone density and muscle mass will decrease, which means we’ll be less flexible and weaker, as we age. Also, a lack of exercise has been shown to adversely affect heart health, increasing the risks of a heart attack or stroke.


Doctors recommend that everyone from children to seniors develop fitness plans that include the four types of fitness: cardio, strength training, stretching, and balancing. Cardio is important to keep the heart and lungs working harder and can include anything from walking or hiking to dancing, swimming, or running. Strength training should be done daily as well, which involves using dumbbells and weight machines. Many senior centers and fitness centers offer strength training classes for all age groups. Stretching and balancing exercises are important to improve flexibility and stability. This is especially important as we get older, when we become more prone to falls and tumbles.


Getting Enough Rest

Believe it or not, the quality of your sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. A lack of quality sleep affects your mental state, inhibiting concentration and memory. Additionally, poor sleeping habits increase stress, which can, in itself, cause physical damage to the internal body. Living a healthier lifestyle includes getting enough sleep, so making changes may include adjusting sleeping patterns.


Some helpful tips for improving the quality of your sleep:


  1. Stick to Your Bedtime – Go to bed and awake at the same times every day, including your days off. This is important, because it trains your mind to relax at a specific time and trains it to become alert at the same time each morning.


  1. Practice Relaxation Techniques – This doesn’t have to be anything complex or formal. Use whatever makes you feel relaxed, whether that’s listening to music, reading a book, taking a bath, or meditating.


  1. Eliminate Naps – While it may feel good to take a 30 minute power nap in the afternoon, that may be why you’re not getting to sleep in the evening. Instead of hitting the sack, try going for a walk or a bicycle ride.


  1. Assess Your Sleeping Quarters – Make sure your bedroom is conducive to relaxation. This includes possibly hanging darker curtains over your windows or investing in softer bedding.

Living a healthier lifestyle is possible, but it will take making changes that may be uncomfortable or challenging at first. By implementing a new diet, changing your exercise routine, and adjusting your sleeping habits, you may soon find that you feel better and become more productive throughout each day.


3 Foods That Are as Good for Our Environment as They Are for You

Taking care of our environment is very important. Although taking an interest in the ecosystem may seem overwhelming, it only requires a little effort. In fact, every bit of help towards a greener planet makes a huge impact on the whole ecological system.


Moreover, by supporting a cleaner planet you can be rest assured that your immediate environment will have great changes – such as a healthier you with cleaner air, water and soil. As well, eating healthier can also have a bearing on the ecosystem. Selecting organic fresh foods can support immediate good health and help preserve the environment. Further, Prevention states that avoiding chemicals by eating organic it significantly increases better health and helps preserve our ecosystem.


As well, what you do locally will also greatly affect the world as a whole. If everyone did even a small part, our planet would have immediate results like cleaner water and air, reduced pollution and the preservation of agricultural diversity.


Greater Importance

Caring for the environment does not require you to be an Eco scientist, an environmental activist or to work for large organizations like Greenpeace International or the National Geographic Society. Just being environmentally conscious will make a huge difference. There are many ways to show that you care, which make a difference in numerous ways:


  • Helps save our home – Mother Earth


  • Cleaner environment for healthier living


  • Has a progressive and positive reflection of your character


  • Helps decrease the overall temperature of earth’s atmosphere


  • Supports biodiversity – plants, animals and other living beings in our world


  • Preserve our lands for future generations like our grandchildren and their grandchildren


Learn From Experts

One of the best resources for learning about our environment is the Internet. In fact, keeping in tune with statistics and how we affect the world can help you decide which changes you can make yourself. For instance, There are eight billion tons of plastic dumped in the ocean each year (February 13, 2015). Even worse, the plastic waste is expected to increase tenfold in the next decade. Knowing this can help you better understand some of the problems we face. As well, you find ways to limit the use of plastic and also educate others on the damage plastic is doing to our ecosystem.


However, knowing what sites to trust can be a challenge. One of the first things to look for is qualifications. For instance, dependable information will generally be supported by someone with a qualified title such as Dr., CNS or naturopath. As well, reputable and knowledgeable sites typically have other credentials like certified organic, Fair Trade; carry the Non-GMO label etc.


Another great reference is someone who is an established in their business such as Jordan Rubin who is a trustworthy health expert. Mr. Rubin is not only an author and the co-founder of Ancient Nutrition; he is also a pioneer in developing an organic permaculture system to help support better health for humankind and our planet.


Jordan Rubin’s Heal the Planet Farm embraces 350 certified organic acres that is within a 4,000-acre Beyond Organic ranch. In truth, what he is doing to make a difference with healthy living is incredible. His 7 year plan to reshape the food system includes:


  • Medicinal herbs


  • Perennial vegetables


  • An edible food forest with 175,000 trees, shrubs and bushes


  • High nutrient soil which boosts fertility to support the orchards


  • Organic polyculture orchards (up to 100 different species of fruit and nut trees)


Moreover, Heal the Planet Farm offers a variety of advanced training certifications in organic farming, holistic grazing, polyculture and permaculture. The farm is located at the base of the Ozark Mountains in Missouri – a very impressive place where organic farming is on an advanced level of innovative sustainable methods.


Foods That Are Good for Our Environment

There are numerous foods that are good for the environment. Rendering to Heal the Planet Farm, creating a layered food forest that produces from the ground up is more Eco friendly than annual crops like corn. a food forest supports an ideal Ecosystem for animals and insect, helps maximize crop yields and is a chemical-free pest control.

A layered forest may include the following:


  • Edible mushrooms (lowest level)


  • Raspberry shrubs (lower level)


  • Perennial shrubs like currents or hazelnuts (middle-level)


  • Fruit trees (top level)


In addition, when the food forest is well managed there are much higher yields and less labor with each passing year. However, for higher yields it is important to start with a good base, meaning that the ground will need to be regenerated with quality soil. As well, organic practices are vital – avoid all chemicals, petrochemical-based fertilizers and all other herbicides and pesticides.


Sustainable Farming

Sustainable agriculture is a farm that understands and utilizes the ecosystem and the link between organisms and the environment. Some of the practices for sustainable farming that enriches the soil include:


  • Composting crop waste like manure


  • Basic composting such as food waste, etc.


  • Improve renewable water resources and conservation


  • Growing legumes for mulch (high in nitrogen-fixed bacteria)


  • Reduce soil erosion by no-till farming, windbreaks or keyline design


3 Easy Ways to Save More Money

Trying to save money and get ahead can seem like a daunting, even insurmountable, task. Even people with good-paying jobs end up living paycheck to paycheck. However, there are some surprisingly easy ways to start saving more money if you know where to look. Think about your money as a tool to be used to live a life you can enjoy. Learn to scale back spending where you can, gain control over your finances and focus on your priorities. Below are three areas where you can say big money without a lot of effort.



Insurance premiums can quickly add up, but insurance does play a crucial role in protecting your finances. It might seem like you can save money by skipping insurance, but imagine how costly it would be if you suddenly had to cover the cost of an accident out of pocket. You should never forgo insurance completely, but there are ways to save big on insurance if you do your research.


Many people do not fully understand their insurance options or what is a deductible. A deductible is the amount you will pay out of pocket in the event of an insured loss. Selecting a higher deductible that you can handle paying out of pocket can help lower your monthly insurance premiums. You can also take advantage of discounts by bundling multiple policies with one insurer.


Budget for Discretionary Expenses

A budget can help you gain control over your money and find ways to save. Your essential living expenses such as mortgage or rent payments and utilities are relatively fixed, but there are many expenses you can reduce or even eliminate. Start tracking your expenses and identify areas of wasteful spending. Be realistic, and set a budget you can stick to without a lot of effort. Leave room in your budget for discretionary spending on things that are important to you.


You may discover that you are spending quite a bit of money on things that are not necessary or important. Perhaps you spend $5 each day at the local coffee shop simply out of convenience. It might not sound like much, but this daily habit could exceed $1000 per year. Leave room in the budget for this discretionary expense if it is important to you; otherwise, free up that money for more important things.


Commit to Living Simply

Living simply does not mean going without the things that are important to you. If you’ve identified your priorities during the budget process, you are well-prepared to take the next step toward a simpler lifestyle. Material possessions generally do not bring happiness, but taking control of your financial well-being certainly will. You can easily save big by spending less on things that you do not need and do not enrich your life. With average credit card debt growing to $6,375 per American consumer, it is easy to see why you should take steps to eliminate mindless spending.


You do not need to upgrade to the latest smartphone, television or other gadget just because a new one has been released. You can save money by purchasing a less expensive or used car. Commit to cooking more meals at home, and do not feel obligated to go out to eat at the trendiest restaurants. Agree to pare back spending on gifts. It is possible to spend less money on travel and still have memorable experiences. Know what is important to you, and realize your priorities may differ from those of other people.

3 Ways to Replace Animal Products with Vegan Alternatives

There are a number of great reasons to consider a vegan diet, whether it be for the health benefits, or out of concern for the way that animals are treated by many food producers.


At the same time, transitioning to an all-vegan diet can be daunting at first. For those who have become accustomed to diets that rely on things like meat and dairy, it can be difficult to know how where to go for replacements.


Moreover, mainstream food companies typically do not hesitate to incorporate animal products into their food. And mainstream grocery stores often do not cater to vegan diets, making it difficult to find what you need.


Luckily, once you know what to look for, maintaining a vegan diet becomes much easier. Here are 3 great ways to replace animal products with vegan alternatives.


Everyday Additives

Everyone knows that meat comes from animals. So if you’re trying to go vegan, you know to avoid meat. But not all animal products are so easy to identify.


One of the major ways animal products make their way into our foods is by being used as additives in other everyday products. These often are not clearly labeled, and you need to know what to look for in order to avoid them.


For example, gelatin is an additive made from boiling parts of animals (e.g., skin, bones, tendons), and is used in a variety everyday products, such as shampoos, medicine capsules, marshmallows, ice cream, candies, and puddings.


Vegans looking to avoid animal product additives have looked to alternatives, such as carrageenan. This is a red seaweed grown in the British Isles, and has been put to use as a gelatin alternative in products such as non-dairy milks (e.g., almond milk), ice cream, and pudding.


By carefully reading product labels and knowing what to look for, you can check to make sure any additives are free of animal products, relying instead on healthy, natural alternatives.


Imitation Meat Products

Many people who opt for a vegan diet still enjoy the taste and aesthetic of meat and other animal products. For a while, this was a major challenge for those seeking to drop animal products completely from their diet.


Fortunately, things have changed significantly in recent years. A number of companies—such as Gardein and Tofurky—have specialized in developing imitation meat products. These are things like “chicken” tenders and “sausages” that often look and taste very similar to the original, but are entirely vegan.


One challenge facing those who want to give up animal products is making sure to get enough protein. And this is an area where these imitation meat products really excel. For example, one Tofurky Italian Sausage link contains a whopping 30g of protein!


These products will often be clustered together in their own freezer or refrigerator segments, so once you find where they are in your local store, you can see what options are available to you.



Last, but certainly not least, is that key staple of many vegan diets: tofu. Some people are quick to write off this versatile food, but it is worth giving it a try and not giving up too soon.


Tofu comes in a variety of forms, and can be prepared in many different ways. The key to getting the most from it is experimenting to see what you like, and to hone your skills.


One major tip for incorporating tofu into your diet is to practice developing different sauces to season it with. Tofu is well-known for its ability to take on different flavors, and so part of becoming a skilled tofu chef is learning to incorporate the right balance of flavors.


Another important thing to keep in mind when preparing tofu is figuring out which textures you like. How long you let it dry out, and your method of baking or frying it can make a big difference to how crunchy or firm it gets. Take a chance and experiment a little bit, and you’ll likely have another great addition to your vegan arsenal.



It’s not always easy for everyone to transition to a vegan diet. But things are easier today than they ever have been in the past. With a little information and an adventurous spirit, exciting new possibilities await!

Use These 3 Basic SEO Tactics to Get More Customers

As the internet continues to grow and more people become with online shopping, businesses are ramping up their efforts to sell their products online through their websites. And while the fundamentals of business — manufacturing, distribution, marketing, sales — haven’t changed very much, many companies are struggling to make the adjustment to ecommerce. If your company is struggling to attract new and return customers to your website to make purchases, try implementing these four search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to get more traffic and make more online sales.


1. Create Website Content Around Longtail Keywords

Keywords are the terms people use to search for info online using search engines such as Google and Bing. As an example, some visitors will find this article right here by typing the keyword “how to get more customers to your ecommerce website.” That is an example of a longtail keyword. It’s very specific compared to a head keyword such as “SEO”. Head keywords are generally composed of just one or two words and have tons of other websites competing for those search terms.


Longtail keywords, on the other hand, have less competition and are easier to rank for in the search results. You’ll generally rank more easily and get more traffic by using those longer keywords in your content.


If you analyze your ecommerce analytics to see what search terms visitors are using to find your website, you’ll find that most of your traffic comes from a variety of these longtail keywords. Sure, each individual longtail might only bring a handful of visitors per month, but there are so many of those that are drawing traffic that they add up to a huge proportion of your total traffic. So being very specific with your keywords is an excellent traffic generation strategy.


2. Include Keywords that Show Buyer’s Intent

You should also focus some of your website content around terms that suggest buyer’s intent. People who are already warmed up and ready to make a purchase might use search terms like “best cordless hair dryer” to find a specific product to buy. Your blog or product pages can also include other terms like “how to get 1-inch curls,” but that type of content won’t convert into sales of hair dryers as easily. Still, you want to use both types of keywords and both types of content on your website because you want to make sales here and now while also building your customer base for future sales.


3. Create Amazing, In-Depth Content

Many businesses who invest in SEO services to get more website traffic seem to have the impression that the content itself doesn’t matter much and that there are some magic tricks you need to use to get traffic from Google. But the truth is that search engines want to send their customers to websites that have exactly what they’re looking for, and most people want to see amazing, high-quality content.


Potential customers want to see in-depth product descriptions and reviews, complete with professional photographs of al the key features and details. They want to see professionally-produced videos that highlight the benefits of the products and show exactly how to use them. If you are simply putting up a handful of terms and a photo of each product, then you’re going to have a difficult time increasing your website traffic from search engines.


Getting traffic to your ecommerce website can be a real challenge, especially if you are a small brand with a new website and a small following on social media. Using SEO strategies to market your products and attract search traffic will help you get more sales over time, but you have to do it right. And you have to do it consistently. By following these four SEO best practices, you’ll generate more traffic from search engines and convert more of those visitors into customers.