Work With Your Kids and You’ll See a Difference

Raising kids is not easy, and you are always trying your best, but there are some ways you’d like to improve. If you find yourself frequently arguing with your kids, chances are that this is one area of parenting you’d like to improve. It’s time to get on the same page with your kids to become a united front. Things go so much easier when you do.


Right and Wrong Time to Argue

At some point during your parenting journey, you’ll hear the question “Why?” However, it’s not always because your child wants to understand your reasoning at the moment. Sometimes, kids just want to argue to get attention or to push for what they want. You’ll end up running in circles if you engage in arguing for the latter reason. Simply explain that you’ll get that Finn Balor action figure at a later time, but not right now. It’ll not be the time to discuss when that’ll happen either. You can talk to them once they’re calm.



Kids tend to argue a lot about their diet, but there are some ways around arguing while getting them to eat more nutritious foods. Include your kids in solutions. Explain why it’s so important to eat nutritious foods and how you and your kids can create solutions to that. For example, you want them to eat two vegetables at dinner, but they hate brussels sprouts. Ask them which vegetables they’d be willing to have. You could also ask if a fruit would be okay. You could tell them, “We need to eat the rainbow of fruit and vegetables in a day. Could you help me to figure out what to get at the grocery store?” This is so much better than saying, “You have to eat this.” Allow you kids to have treats too, but emphasize that you don’t want to eat sweets all the time, and let them know the real reasons why.


Proper Hygiene

It’s important for your kids to have proper hygiene, so you probably don’t want to budge on that. However, there is wiggle room on how that’s accomplished. Create fun options for your kids’ hygiene. For example, it’s not really important how your kids shower or bathe as long as they do. You might not be willing to accept a dip in the pool as a shower, but consider creating an oasis of sorts in the bathtub. Let them put food coloring in the water, and give them bath crayons to draw on the tub. Let your kids use an electric toothbrush or one that lights up to let them know when their time is up for brushing teeth. Give your kids the option of having short hair or taking care of their hair if they’re upset about brushing their hair.



Hair is one of those things that parents end up fighting about with their kids, but in the grand scheme of things, you have to consider what you’re willing to fight about. There are so many things you need to say “no” about to your kids that are necessary. You should say “yes” to things that aren’t such a huge deal. It might bother you for your child’s hair to be pink, but if it’s allowed at school, let them dye their hair pink. You could specify that it be temporary if that makes you happier. The truth is that hair grows out, and you can always cut, trim, bleach or dye it another color. At the end of the day, they’re going to remember the fun stuff you let them do, and they’ll more likely respect the times you say “no”.


Parenting can be frustrating at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Parents tend to take things personally when it’s normal developmental behavior to test parents and others. Provide options and boundaries. Your kids will eventually catch on that you’re really on their side, and they’ll appreciate you for your patient love.

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