Effective Advice for Visual Advertisements

Advertisements are much more than a way to only spread information.  They can be a way to catch your target audiences’ attention immediately. They should look bright, memorable, and informative. While it is often the goal of advertisements to sell their product or service, they also provide quick information about what is being sold. Most importantly, they promote brand awareness.

A great advertisement can improve the quality of its environment. It may even make headlines or go viral. Effective advertising turns heads and creates lifelong customers. There are several things to remember when it comes to designing your business’ billboard and other outdoor advertisements. These outdoor places include signs placed together with banner hanging systems, chalkboards in a storefront, or 60-foot billboards in New York City.

Keep the ads simple. While you may have a thousand ideas and love complexity, it is important that your business keep outdoor advertisements simple. They should be straightforward and get directly to the point. One idea per billboard is best. Outdoor ads are either meant to direct someone somewhere or to suggest that they buy what is being sold. The truth is best and extraneous details only serve to dilute the message you are trying to convey. Seven words or less is a common guideline as exposure is short.

These short and sweet sentences should be easily read from a distance. Letters should be vast and legible. Ornate letters should be avoided as they make it hard for some to skim the information. Spacing matters as well – if letters are too close together or far apart your audience won’t understand. Contrasting colors such as black and white are easier to read from distances as well.

As with non-traditional media, such as social media shares and online advertisements, some of the same principles apply. Simplicity is key, and font should be easy to read and understand. If you are designing a billboard, a solid white background will create a vibrant history for type and images, while it does not have the same effect for digital ads.

Regardless of the type of media that you choose to use, be aware of the audience that you are trying to reach. Blend your message with the kind of advertisement that you are using, how it should be reflected in a way that will look good for your company’s overall reputation and credibility. Advertisements are more than sales – they help measure your business’s success.


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