Sleepless Nights

I might not buy you a diamond ring
Still I don’t need your sympathy
So all I’ve got, I give to you
And all I need all I need is you

I want to be the only good in your morning
The tight in your sleep
I want to be the only good in your night
The only one to see you weep
And when you sneeze I want to be the bless in you
An I don’t want to be the good in this bye


I swear to God those sleepless nights broke me down
The tears I cried for you cuz you’re not around
The night is lonely and the time is slow
Without your hair between my fingers
Well, where did you go
Where did we go


I saw a figure in my bed last night
One not of evil, but your face in my sight
Well I can’t help but be obsessed with you
I can’t help but be consumed by you
I can’t help but be possessed by you in me, im me

[Chorus (x2)]

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