4 Tips To Tame Your Anxiety

We all go through the experience where we feel worried, nervous or simply unease. And while it’s normal to be anxious from time to time, you need to appreciate that this feeling can sometimes affect your productivity. In worse off scenarios, the apprehensiveness may lead to other more complicated health issues such as depression or even cardiovascular complications. So, what’s the best thing to do if you want to manage this condition? Here are some important tips to always keep in mind.

Tip #1: Don’t Let Your Anxiety Hold You Back

You have to put it in your mind that you will never want this condition to hold you back. That is because anxiety is a form of fear and you don’t want to give it an opportunity to thrive. The best way to overcome any type of fear is by taking it – head-on. And the good thing is that most of the things that make us anxious are not always as bad as we might have thought them to be in the first place. So, erase all that fear from your mind and replace it with the “I will not let my anxiety hold me back” status.

Tip #2: Break Your Goals Into Tiny Ones

The best way to overcome anxiety is by building your confidence. And one good way to build confidence is by celebrating small wins. So, if you have a goal that is intimidating you, be sure to break it apart into small mini-goals. Then as you achieve each one of the mini-goals, tick them off, take some time off and celebrate. You’ll gradually realize that you’ll get an edge over overwhelming projects that might have been the cause of your anxiety.

Tip #3: Supplement Your Way Out

Anxiety occurs when the amygdala part of your brain becomes hyperactive. So, it is safe to say that any form of anxiety if brain related and, therefore, the best way to address it is by tackling it at that level. Start by taking food and multivitamins that help your brain gain more power over emotional changes. There are also quite a few brain supplements that can help you in this quest, one of them being featured in this Nootrogen review. Of course, any supplements you opt for should be used with the approval of your doctor especially if you have already sought medical attention over this issue.

Tip #4: It’s The Little Things That Matter

You don’t have to go out of your way to recover from anxiety. Feeling anxious just before a job interview? Take deep breaths (slow breaths) until when you start feeling a bit relaxed. Then from that point, slowly and quietly count to 10 and 20 if necessary as you breathe rhythmically. If possible, take time out – listen to some relaxing music (or your favorite music) and also learn some relaxation techniques.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let anxiety put you down. Start today by making tiny but important changes in your life. Train your brain to meditate on positive vibes and above all, eat right.

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