chorus: you see the magazines and me on ur t.v. screen and you think u know me but you really dont… u dont even know but i’m…i’m feelin good about myself so i…i splurge a little HEY! u see the money and the… the cars and diamonds and ya u think it make me but it really don’t…it really really dont but i’m…im feeling good about myself so I…I splurge a little HEY!

verse 1: i think the time has come 4 me 2 have some fun im bout 2 peel back the top and gon let in the sun what the fuck i done done my mommas only son i went from slangin and bangin ta yellin number 1 I luv my friend’s 2 death until my last breathe thats why when i perform i give it til theres nothin left no competiton my opposition aint gonna feel the pain more complications relationships aint gonna be the same do they want the fame and all that it can bring if they attracted to Nelly then who like Cornell Haynes im poppin collars from California to DC im in the VIP Loui bottles and Henacy im putting mileage on 20 inches and 23’s im flippin out my keys im flippin down the screens im bout to spread my wings tryna fulfill my dreams wit anything that i want if i dont i got the means…


verse 2: you think u know me but u really dont know if i could walk through the club like errthing b4sho n ill get 1 girl 2 little girls tryna get me to dance ill get 3 little girl 4 little girls pulling on my pants DAMN it feels good when errthing is OK and its a beautiful sight when errthing go your way and i could walk in the mountains and i still get violaid how about in a VOKAL valor and my suede valets im feeling good its the only right i deserve to spread the luv through all my peeps its only right kind of splurge and any nigga trippin now i leave em right by the curb and i dont go to sleep momma so goodnight and good word im on a mission and its sorta like a mystery and i aint stoppin til i go down in history now whoever said you knows u dealing with a big fo sho the N E double L, L Y-for the cash- now here we go…


verse 3: you read the magazines and heard i made a scene believe it or not i swear im jus a human being im doin human things cause only humans change they label me a role model cuz i appeal 2 teens it really aint that strange now that i think about it i came up in the game changed everything about it im feelin betta then ever with out that lotto shit that i wake up early hit cooler like lets go buy some shit you dressed the hottest fits driving the hottest whips we’ve got the phattest chicks with the wilest kits donating money 2 families calling me lying shit they screaming war im like fuck it go buy a battleship and bring it up that Mississippi if you really wanna come n get me tell em niggas and uh dont tip me cuz ill squeeze them shits til empty throw shots at niggas like frizbee who the who the juice how the hell u gon pimp me you niggas must be kiddin me make an innocent nigga plead guilty…


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