Does Probiotic work for weight loss?

weight loss by probiotic

Really work for Fat Burn

So many studies have been carried out on how probiotics work and it has been discovered that probiotics in a way help obese people lose weight rapidly as it helps reduce persistent abdominal fat.

To ensure a vibrant health, consuming probiotics can help as they help increase the uptake of enzymes, vitamins, as well as help, improve the immune system to make sure the overall health of the body is optimal. There are no other simpler ways of achieving good health other than consuming beneficial bacteria which are inherent in probiotics.

probiotic weight loss

Regarding probiotic weight loss, several studies have been carried out, and in one of these studies, some obese people were put on a fermented milk diet for twelve weeks. In the results, they all lost about 4.6 percent of their abdominal fat and this sort of result is a really quick one. This was achieved by the consumption of 200 grams of fermented milk that contained Lactobacillus strain. Several other studies have also been carried out and similar results were achieved.

It has also been found out that obese people are obese because the bacteria present in their gut are not balanced. There is usually a presence of a lot of unwanted and toxic bacteria as against the number of beneficial bacteria. A good example of unwanted bacteria is Firmicutes which extracts calories from consumed sugar and converts the sugars into fat. This is how obesity comes into play. With too many fat-promoting bacteria in the body, an individual gains weight rapidly.

As it has been observed in quite a number of people, some people do not have to eat a lot of food for them to gain a lot of weight while some other people consume a lot of food and do not gain weight at all. This explains the difference in the number of bacteria in the gut of different individuals.Even in babies, it has been revealed that babies that have less Staphylococcus and less Bifidobacteria will most likely not gain more weight than babies that have less bifido in their gut.

There is more than enough bifidobacteria in breast milk, and of course, children that have their diet based on breastmilk are less likely to become obese. Most people have tried to lose the excess weight that has made them obese but have found it very difficult to. The salient facts that they do not know about are that it is not about working out excessively (although it helps) or thinning their diet, it is however about how much fat-producing bacteria that is present in their gut. Consumption of probiotics help balance the bacteria levels in the gut and ultimately eliminates the fat-producing bacteria which cause excessive weight gain.


It is important to know that sometimes, the body needs to undergo different conditions in order to work. Therefore, it is best to consume different varieties of probiotic bacteria. This will enable the gut to be in the proper conditions to gain weight. While probiotics for weight loss work effectively, are safe and simple to use, listed below are some steps which you can take to shed all of that excess weight;

  1. Make changes in your diet. You never can tell what slight change would make all the needed difference. Do not do everything at a time. Make the changes gradually.

  2. Consume more fermented vegetables, fermented milk products

    and fiber so as to increase the number of good gut bacteria.

  3. Reduce the intake of carbs and sugar so as to reduce the production of abdominal fat.

  4. Increase the consumption of fruit, berriesand plant vegetables. Taking 50 percent or more of based food makes weight loss or weight-control easier.

  5. Exercise frequently. Walking is a great form of exercising the body. Also, participating in intense workouts for about 10 – 15 minutes also help reduce fat levels in the body.

Losing weight. How fast can it be done?


In the study that was referenced earlier in the article, about 5 percent of the abdominal fat was lost within three months. This is quite fast as the individuals involved did not do too much other than consume fermented milk. From the look of things, it seems that daily consumption of probiotics can trim down body fat by up to 5 percent within a few months. When the five steps listed above are followed too, results can even be achieved more quickly.


The gut bacteria present in each individual are different and this could bring about unique responses to probiotic in different individuals. However, the general idea as outlined in this article definitely applies to the major percentage of people who may be obese. Therefore, if you are looking to shed some weight, and as recommended by this article that you can consume probiotics for weight loss, you sure would shed some weight and also get some other perks that come along with the consumption of probiotics.

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