The Sims 2 University

In The Sims 2 University players for the first time will play through the new “young adult” life stage as their Sims head off to university and join the campus crowd. Whether they live in the halls or rush a fraternity or sorority that’s just the beginning…Sims can choose from one of 11 courses and by keeping their grades on track, they’ll secure a final degree and open up 4 new career paths. Players will enjoy all-new university based wants and fears that are tied to their Sims’ social life and academic goals which will lead to new rewards and powers that will help them achieve their goals and aspirations in university and beyond.

Pranks, parties and university social interactions add to the excitement while your Sims explore campus locations such as university lounges, pool halls, gyms and coffee houses. As in real life, if your Sims start running low on funds, they can earn Simoleans by picking up a part time job, like tutoring, or engaging in riskier affairs like printing money as a member of the “secret society”.

Of course, making the right decisions can lead your Sim to the ultimate goal of becoming “Big Sim on Campus” in The Sims 2 University. The Sims 2 is required to play The Sims 2 University.

Product Features

* Live the ultimate college fantasy
* Your Sims have all-new wants and fears tied to their social and academic life
* Choose from 11 majors for your Sims and keep their grades on track
* Join a band, crash parties, find a part-time job, or cheat on your studies
* The Sims 2 University is an expansion pack and requires The Sims 2 to play

File Size : 908 MB

Download Links:

Dowload sims 2 university part 1

Dowload sims 2 university part 2

Dowload sims 2 university part 3

Dowload sims 2 university part 4

Dowload sims 2 university part 5

Dowload sims 2 university part 6

Dowload sims 2 university part 7

Dowload sims 2 university part 8

Download Sims 2 Universitey Part 9

Dowload sims 2 university part 10

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