They use barrel-shaped rolling elements to carry single

  When you look into an automobile, there are so many parts in it. It is able to carry out its many activities as it comes with parts that are able to move at high speeds. However in order to work well and move such parts, what is needed is smooth movement with reduced friction. This can be done only when bearings are implemented in them as they are designed to bring down friction which caused wear and tear in metal parts. About Roller Thrust Bearing and Its Uses Out of the many types of bearings available an important one is the roller thrust bearing. It can carry pure thrust, or axial, loads with little or no radial forces.

They use barrel-shaped rolling elements to carry single- or double-direction thrust loads. These rollers have a length perpendicular to the shaft and have different shapes that affect the bearing’s efficiency. The two rings on roller thrust bearings, called washers, are also configured with different shapes and designs. The spherical roller thrust bearing has a very unique design. It has two rows of barrel shaped rollers which are set into two raceways. One raceway is on the inner ring while the other is on the inner diameter of the outer ring. The purpose behind this unique structure is to accommodate misalignment. The barrels of the bearing are mounted in pairs inside the housing and are set into opposite directions so that they can support loads in either direction. You will find the spherical roller thrust bearing to be very light in its weight and that each roller is identical in size and shape to the other which help to optimize load distribution and also increases the longevity of this bearing element.

When you look into the design of this type of bearing what you will notice is that it has a large number of rollers, which confirm with washer Stud Bolts raceways and that it comes with the capacity to take on axial and radial loads. A key quality about spherical roller thrust bearings is that they are self aligning and they can accommodate misalignment. Another very important feature about it is that it is easy to maintain. This is because its parts can be easily separated.

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