Any business that produces and binds a lot of documents

Any business that produces and binds a lot of documents on a regular basis should have a paper jogging machine onhand. Paper joggers help remove static from sheets and square up all of the document’s pages before punching, binding, cutting, or folding.Here we will take a look at one of the entry-level players on the paperjogging machine market, the Martin Yale 400, and give you ourassessment of this machine’s strengths and weaknesses. Strengths:

  1. There are lots of paper joggers out there with lots of different capabilities, and we consider the Martin Yale 400 to be perhaps theeasiest to use paper jogger on the market (it is also one of the leastexpensive). To use this simple machine all you will need to do is insert the paper and turn it on. There are joggers out there that canhandle more paper, but with the 400, you can insert as much as a fullream, which is not a bad capacity for a desktop machine.
  2. We thought that the 400 was an extremely well built and hardy machine.It has a heavy duty Threaded Rod Suppliers motor and the jogging tray looks to be ofrock-solid construction. The thick rubber feet kept the machine firmlyrooted in place during our testing.


  1. The Martin Yale 400 jogger is an entry level machine and as such youwill find that it lacks some of the features that larger more expensivejoggers offer. Chief among these is that there is no way to adjust thebin angle or the speed at which it vibrates. With the 400, all you getis an on and off switch. While this makes the machine very easy to use,it also cuts down on its versatility in handling different stocks andsizes. Most larger, more expensive machines also give the user thecapability to make adjustments to reduce the level of vibration that isput out by the machine. We sort of missed that when testing the 400.
  2. The 400 has a jogging bin that is designed to accept letter sizedpaper. That means that you can use it with smaller sheets, but youcan’t put anything larger in the bin. The angle that the bin sits atalso make it a little difficult to use with standard number tenenvelopes, as they are not the easiest to get to when they are at thebottom of the tray.
  3. As is typical for all paper joggers,you will need to ensure that you set the machine on a sufficientlystrong and stable surface. In fact, we recommend that you use a tablethat is able to easily withstand 500lbs to help keep vibrations to aminimum. You may even want to look into putting the table on an extracarpet piece or a rug in order to keep the machine from vibrating itssurroundings too much. As we said, this is true for all paper joggersand is no reason not to purchase the Martin Yale 400.

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