Instead of developing another putty colored industrial looking

This past year, Rhin-O-Tuff released a newelectric spiral coil binding machine called the 3250CL. This newmachine was a complete departure from the heavy duty industrial modularbinding equipment that has made the Rhino Tuff name famous. Instead of developing another putty colored industrial looking binding machine forprint shops, they decided to develop a contemporary binding machine targeted at professional office environments. The new 3250-CL electricspiral coil binding machine is the result of this effort. For organizations that are looking for a new coil binding machine fortheir office, there are several reasons to consider the 3250CL. Here are five… 1.Design:When PDI (Performance Design Inc) decided to develop the 3250-CL theyhired a designer from HP to help them with the project.

They wanted to design a machine that would fit in with other pieces of officeequipment inside a modern organization. As a result, the 3250 looksmore like a desktop laser printer than an industrial binding machine.The machine is simple, durable, elegant and simple. Plus, in mostoffice environments, space is at a premium. This machine packs a hugepunch in a small package. It measures a mere 14″ wide, 17″ deep and 7″high. The small footprint allows this machine to be placed on a desk,countertop, table or almost anywhere else in an office. 2.Ease of Use:One of the main complaints that we hear from users in officeenvironments is that binding is too time consuming and difficult formany of their employees. The 3250 is designed to make binding easier.It eliminates confusing features, adjustments and dials allowingoperators to concentrate on getting the job done. The punch is operatedby one button and the coil inserter is operated by another L Bolt Factory button.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. Plus, instructions are includedinside the drawer on the front of the machine for users who forget howto use the machine. 3.Capacity: Rhin-O-Tuff has built an incredible name for themselves by producing heavy duty industrialmodular binding equipment. Although the 3250-CL doesn’t look industrialit contains an industrial grade motor. This motor allows the machine topunch an impressive 25 sheets of paper at a time. That is an impressivepunching capacity for a desktop binding machine and is equal or betterthan any of the competitive electric spiral coil binding machines onthe market. 4.Warranty: Most pieces of bindingequipment come with a 1 year warranty.

The Rhino Tuff 3250CL comes witha three year warranty on parts and labor. Plus, they even warranty thepunching dies on the machine for 1 year. None of the competition offersa warranty that is even close. 5.Made In the USA:These days, most of the binding equipment on the market is made inChina. However, Rhin-O-Tuff has bucked this trend and makes all oftheir equipment at their state of the art facility in Boise Idaho. Inthese tough times, it is nice to be able to buy American made productsand support US jobs.

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